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Sara Craven vintage Harlequins

Updated on December 31, 2012


Sara Craven was born in England just before the start of WWII. She spent her early working life as a journalist, but in the 1970's her first romance was published by Mills and Boon. She did a one Harlequin Romance, but most of her titles have been Harlequin Presents. Below, is a list of her earliest efforts, most are Harlequin Presents, the first book listed is her lone Harlequin Romance. Sara Craven is still writing romances for Harlequin. Some of her books are set in her native England, but many titles are set in Europe and beyond.

I have a website dedicated to older harlequins and I am reading all early harlequins because of the website. So some of the descriptions have additional details added in bold. This indicates that I recently re-read the book.

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Lissa wasn't quite sure whether she wanted to marry the attractive Frenchman, Paul de Gue. So she gladly accepted his invitation to visit the family chateau and meet his relatives. Unfortunately this also involved meeting the austere Comte Raoul de Gue. He made it clear the he did not want Lissa marrying into the family!

Lissa is a secretary to a novelist. Paul works at the French embassy. He is rushing her into marriage. Paul was supposed to take her to dinner, but Raoul showed up instead. He said Paul could not make it but he would take her out to dinner. She is wearing a brooch from Paul. Lissa was going to return it to him before dinner, but Paul doesn’t show up. So to keep the brooch safe she wears it. It turns out to be a family heirloom. She eventually does return it. For some reason, Raoul thinks that Lissa is a prostitute and when he takes her home from dinner, he tries to seduce her. Lissa goes to the Chateau with her employer for research, and there she finds that Raoul is Paul’s older brother. He is a widower with a daughter.



Lacey couldn't understand her mixed feelings. She should be glad that Troy wasn't behaving as her lover. Bad enough that in a few short days she would have to accept him as her husband. "Does it disturb you when I remind you what our relationship will be?" Troy's eyes assessed her coolly. "Perhaps I do it because I hope one day to get a reaction. I want to prove there really is a woman beneath that polite schoolgirl exterior!"



Stay away from Saracina. But to the willful Joanna, used to having her own way, the words were a challenge! Unfortunately the warning was real: her reception on the mysterious Mediterranean island was far from welcoming. She found herself held a prisoner in Leo Vargas's magnificent palazzo, her every move watched. Escape was impossible. And yet, did she really want to leave the devastating Lion of Saracina? The villagers had suggested she'd make a fine gift for him!

Joanna is on a ship with some friends. They are in the Mediterranean and they are warned away from an island. She goes to the island on purpose just because they were warned not to. Her friends don’t with her. She is being held prisoner because there is a Soviet defector being hidden on the island.



First love doesn't last, she was told. But Catriona had left her quiet Scottish home and come to London to marry Jeremy Lord - only to find that Jeremy had forgotten about his holiday romance. Instead, she found herself involved with his sophisticated uncle, Jason. And Jason was even more out of her league than Jeremy had been.



No matter what she might feel, Gabrielle knew there was no future for her in any relationship with Shaun Lennox--just the basic fulfillment of a mutual need. And for her, that was not enough. "Shaun, listen," she said hesitantly. "You don't understand ...." But how could she explain to the bitterly mocking Shaun? One moment he seemed to regard her as a brainless plaything, the next he was holding her at arm's length with a kind of wary contempt.

Sara Craven on Amazon



Andrea tried to harden herself to her cousin Clare’s appeal for help. She’d been getting her out of scrapes for too long. Still, she couldn’t just sit back and let Blaise Levallier blackmail Clare into marriage ,and destroy the lives of people she loved. She would go to France to confront him. She wouldn’t let him get away with it. It wasn’t quite that simple. For Blaise wanted a wife. “Your cousin had decided not to fulfill her obligation to me,” he said. “so I will take you, instead!”

Clare had been jilted and so started to write to a friend of a friend. He offered marriage and she accepted just because she was hurt. He But when she returned from France to England she quickly met and fell in love with someone else. Her father is very fragile and up for a knighthood. He has raised Andrea like a second daughter.

So for her aunt and uncle’s sake, Andrea went to steal the letter and contract in which Clare agreed to the marriage. So at first, she pretends to be her cousin. But Blaise isn’t fooled, and she ends up marrying him. He was injured in a fire that killed his brother and left his nephew,Philippe, an orphan. He needs the marriage due to his brother’s will stating he can only be guardian to his son if he is married. The nephew has been staying with his mother’s sister, Simone, who used to be Blaise’s fiancée. She couldn’t cope with the scar on his face from the fire.

Simone comes with Philipe to the chateau in France, she is a bitch. She causes trouble, especially by telling the little boy horror stories and convincing him that his uncle means to kill him for the insurance money. Andrea doesn’t help matters by putting the little boy, he’s 5, in a tower room where another little boy was supposedly killed. He is terrified, even though Andrea is very nice to him. Simone locks the little boy up in the tower room attic, in his pajamas , in the dead of winter, just before she leaves for good. But Andrea rescues him.



Even as Janna pleaded with Rian for mercy, she realized it was futile. Rian hadn't forgotten anything that had passed between them seven years earlier. Not forgotten--and not forgiven. Why had he come back? What did he intend? Rian laughed sardonically. "You always knew I'd be back, and you know why as well. Hang on to your courage, sweet witch. You're going to need every last ounce of it by the time I've done with you!"



"You must beware, mademoiselle ...." The fortune-teller's ominously harsh voice had sent shivers down Christina's spine. "Beware of the devil at Archangel." The prediction seemed silly when Christina first arrived at the Brandon's beautiful Caribbean plantation. Left without means and a home by her godmother's death, the job at Archangel seemed like a gift from heaven. But everything changed when she met Devlin Brandon. He disturbed her to the core of her being. She must indeed beware of this manor did another devil await to torment her?



Brief and disastrous. That described exactly the marriage of Davina and Gethyn Lloyd. Now, their first meeting in two years--at Gethyn's home in Wales--only confirmed the tangle of misunderstanding that lay between them. And while Davina might acknowledge deep inside herself that all the old cravings for him were still there, it was a different matter to betray her feelings to him. What had changed, after all? He had only the hollowness of passion to offer her, not the warm reassurance of loving she needed!



Trevennon had a dark and tragic history. As a child, Morwenna had listened to her mother's stories of Trevennon, her old home. Morwenna had pictured a castle full of the magic of love, standing high on the cliffs of Cornwall. So when tragedy struck the eighteen-year-old Morwenna, she fled to Trevennon. Contrary to her expectations, she found a house full of unhappiness and hostility - Dominic Trevennon's hostility. But strangely, Dominic capture Morwenna's heart as completely as her mother's stories had captured her imagination. Only this time, the story didn't seem to have a happy ending.

Morwenna’s brother and father have died in a car accident. The title and estate have passed to a cousin with a nasty wife. She wants her gone, even though she is practically penniless. Her mother was a painter and she had painted Trevennon. Her relative lets her have the paintings and she takes them to Trevennon to be stored. She has no place to live and must look for a job. She had no place to store them and she is very fond of them. When she gets there , she finds that they all hate her mother. They said she jilted Dominic’s uncle and stole some boat designs and ruined his company.

Sara Craven on Amazon



Juliet soon learned: never love an enemy! Juliet went to Italy to check on her sister, Jan. According to Jan, she'd arrived just in time. Wealthy, powerful Santino Vallone was trying to prevent Jan from marrying his young brother, Mario. With courage and determination, schoolteacher Juliet came to the rescue. Bravely she led Santino down a false trail by pretending to be Jan. But Juliet only had one side of the story. When Santino kidnapped her, taking her to his castle by the sea, she realized the path she'd chosen led to danger--and heartbreak!



Marty felt just like an alien! Solitaire, her Uncle Jim's home in France, was to have been a haven for Marty after years of unhappiness. Instead of the expected welcome, she was greeted by a hostile stranger. Luc Dumarais, the new owner of Solitaire, was frankly suspicious of Marty. And she, shocked and bewildered at learning of her uncle's death was at Luc's mercy. Luc Dumarais was right out of her league. Of necessity she accepted the job he grudgingly offered, but she felt it was only the first step to disaster.



Rachel had vowed to reach Diablo In London, it had seemed simple. Go out to Columbia, bring back her brother, Mark. It was her one chance to do something for her beloved grandfather with whom Mark had quarreled. In Columbia, nothing went right. Mark was off in the wilds of Diablo looking for a legendary emerald--and the one man who could guide her to the territory was the handsome, arrogant Vitas de Mendoza. Rachel didn't trust him an inch, but he agreed to take her--at a price. Only when it was too late did Rachel discover that the price was far, far too high.


Logan himself turned up there, different from the man she'd married, as she was changed from the young girl bride. And Logan was determined not to let her escape again! Perhaps Briony should never have married Logan Adair. Just out of school, a rich man's daughter -- the world was her oyster, and she had chosen to fall in love with a journalist, a foreign correspondent who roamed the world and would never take kindly to settling down. Her father was violently opposed to the marriage; Logan himself was doubtful. But Briony, confident in her love, had no doubts at all. Yet the marriage had after all been nothing but a farce from the beginning. Shouldn't she cut her losses, admit defeat -- and hand Logan back to Karen Wellesley?



Everyone depended on poor little “mouse.” Ginny’s nickname didn’t really suit her—she was the strong one in the family. Her sense of responsibility led her to take the job of housekeeper at Monk’s Dower. It was no easy task. Not only did she have to contend with her suspicious, jealous employer, Vivien Lanyon, she also had to please Vivien’s tenant, the famous playwright, Max Henrick. At first Max was imperious, demanding—but then he seemed to sense Ginny’s predicament. He extended a helping hand, but only in pity. And pity was not what Ginny wanted from Max—not at all!

Ginny is taking care of her young brother and an aged aunt. They have lost their home due to the death of her parents. So she takes a job at Vivien’s because it includes separate quarters for her family. At first Max’s cousin uses the house, then Max comes and he doesn’t want her there. He thinks she’s too young and not right for the job. He eventually lets her stay, even though when they first met she threw his dinner at him, (His cousin said he was her boss). She has a very nasty sister, who lives in London and is an actress. She eventually comes to stay and it turns out she has a relationship with the cousin, who turns out to be not so nice.

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