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Updated on August 10, 2016

The sky darkened in the lull of mourning grief. Leila and Johny each on the sides of their bereaved dad. They could no more controll that choking pain in their hearts seeing their mother's cascate slowly lowered down the four walled pit. stream of tears made its way out of their eye sockets which were shielded behind dark goggles, rolling down their rossy cheeks... down to the ground!

From a distance, a mid aged woman stood under a black umbrella oggling the triad as they embraced each other to console and bring solace to each other. Whith her is a five year old girl. She adjusted the glasses taking a better look above the lenses, nodded and took off!

Slowly the crowd despersed with a few of them coming to express their empathy towards Mai; loosing a wife at such a tender age was quite heartrending considering the toddlers who really are in need for a motherly care.

Months snailed away creating allowance for healing of heart, clearing memories and slowly ushering in chances for a new beginning; a new dawning to Mai and his family.

Leila's questions on where mummy was succumed to the many tours and other recreational activities that Mai put in at least to let go of the memories. Recently they toured Malkia gardens. A vocational arena where kids have fun and interact diversely with others. The place bespeaks a specfic class of the society, actually only the well favoured families made it here for a leisure time.

From a distance Mai watched his duo kiddos play and enjoy; they swung, skated, skipped, rod on toys and to the nature of children they quickly made new friends. always under the guidance of an instructor.

Sheila a young light skinned girl happened to be so helpful to this duo, this being their first time at Malkia, she became more of a guider to them than even there group's teacher. This begun after their teacher paired them up for a competition and Leila proved smart. She coaxed the duo to come with her to say hello to her mother. As long as they were still in the perimeters of Malkia, why not? Leila had missed a person to call mum and so was Sheila, she missed a father. Johnny advised to seek their teacher's permission first before their leave.

"Mummy.... mummy... mummy...!" Sheila shouted as she lead her friends to her endeared mother. A beautiful ebony of an aproximate age of thirty, dressed in a yellow fitting dress, coloured goggles and a black hat with a yellow feather. She was sipping from a glass of soft drink.

"Come on Sheila you brought me more company it?"

"Mum, they are my friends, this one is Leila and this.... Johny!, Leila helped our team win...."

"Okay, mom. Allow your friends sit and talk to mmmh! "

Sheila takes Leila by hand making her sit next to her. Johnny sits opposite the pair. Sharon quickly recalled the kids, she had met them long ago before the demise of their late mother long before Leila was born. Johnny was then a toddler to remember her.

"You must be hungry now kids?"

"Yes mum, some cake and juice please"

"Are your friends okay with your choice?" She asks as she turns to Johnny and Leila as if wishing they answer. The two nodd in agreement. Well; the 'family continued knowing more and more about each other before they moved to meet Mai.

Sharon, a single mother of one followed the kids as they trotted to Mai. He was not so keen to notice his kids get of the play ground to meet Sharon.

"Where is father?" Sharon whispered to Johnny.

"The one under the red-blue umbrella"

Mai a handsome chubby man was bussy doing something on his laptop. He wore casual. A t-shirt with a pair of shirts.

She for a while got into a trance. She remembered how they long had parted ways with Mai. She left pregnant to the United States of America for a vocational visit to her aunt. The visit took longer than it had been planned earlier. She had just graduated her degree and so a free woman to be employed anywhere. Mai's patience ran out and gave in to the quests of Maliane; the closest friend to Sharon.

She took the earliest plane to Kenya to confirm the gossip. Well; not guilty until confirmed guilty! Sharon had loved and trusted Mai and Maliane but she had never thought that this could have happened. Just in a year and Maliane had taken over! She hated her self, she hated having prolonged her stay but Maliane must pay for this!

She cut communication and fled back to America. Weeping as she nursed her heart she prayed sorrowfully hoping for vengeance.

Johnny ran to alert his father but sliped and fell, mockingly his sister took up the responsibility claiming Johnny is a lazy one. Sharon lifted him of the ground, wiped his dusty jeans suit then carried him on the side of her right hip.

Leila ran and slammed Mai's table;

"Hey dad, we are back with mummy, look at her over there she is carrying Johny"

"Naughty daughter, jigi-jigi-jigi " he tickled her, "Where did you find mommy?"

Over the other side of the garden, our friend....mhm ... welcome mommy!" She ran back to embrace Sharon as if a long lost friend just reappeared.

It was at this occasion that this old couple re-United and became one again.

Still bitter over her friend snatching her fiancee, playing faul on her while she was away; and now to nuture her rival's kindred... what a heart could it be? Sharon isn't of the type! She had come up with a plan.

Now that even Sheila is Mai's real daughter, why should she foster two girls, Johnny could make a husband to His step sister but....

All she wanted was a family with one blood. How will she eradicate the others. She can't count on her personally killing. An idea one day striked in, she had always been a good mother to all this kids. But Johnny seems to dislike her... their father is a lover of corporal punishment; "that's the tool!" She thought.

She lived a life full of seeking to find mistakes in Leila and Johnny. Always played cool as they were punished brutaly by their own father. She could magnify a mistake against the duo but never allowed Sheila to be touched

One day as usual Mai was out to discipline his kids. Johnny touched the television sockets carelessy and the television blew. Actually Sheila had weted the sockets so on switching on, it short circuted.

Because now Mai had developed a negative view towards his own kids he took no time for excuses but caine.

Cries for help, pain and apological stanzas were recited to Mai but his heart seemed to have been lost; taken away from his own kids. Sheila could not help feel the beating her step sibblings were going through.

Death was snailling in when Johnny defecated! But to Mai that was not enough, at that time Leila had push her self under one of the sofa but her father promised to come for her ones he finished with her brother.

It took not long before Johnny lay lithely on the floor, no more cry nor begging never to repeat again. He landed several other strokes on him before noticing the sudden silence!

"Johnny.... Johnny.... Johnny" he hit another stroke threatening to add more if he won't respond but, still he got no response! He stretched his arm to feel his pulse; he was no more. Tensed and confused, he went to get Leila, innocent Leila wanted to remain hidden forever so when her father lifted the sofa, she pulled it back on her self for safety however instead of protecting her, it crushed her head making her join her brother and mother!

Poor Mai! Just killed his on kindreds because of an old television set! I'm anycase he had four of them still functional then why just this!

Sharon walked in clapping, at ease as if what happened was gratifying vengeance, and relieve. For sure it was. She had been watching everything from the internal balcony!

"Come on you brave lion, why worry, mutilate those bodies then report to the police that it was a kidnap!"

Quite a good idea. Confused Mai bought the idea, took a machete and smashed the bodies and dumped them in the back yard.

who could not buy the gimmick? Not only even the police found the story true but also relatives; In anycase, these are usual cases among the affluent. Those who never sort peace with the prince of peace! had a price to pay.

Sorrow loomed the atmostphere for a period before the grief wounds left scars to Mai and Sheila. Sheila had lost her best friend and sister, she hated her father for taking a friend away from her. She hated herself for being the cause of the short circute. The world became so lonely than ever before to her. She developed interest, an interest to avenge her sister!

One day she gainned guts and brought the allegations to the police however because years had passed, scandlouse judicial systems could not allow a life imprisonment of Mai after exhuming the debris but served a term of seven years behind bars.

He went leaving Sharon pregnant and sorrowful. Pain and loneliness. She had wishes even to have her step kids resurect but; if dishes were horses, even beggars would own and ride ha aha!


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