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Updated on November 26, 2019

The past half a month has been real tiring for me. I had recently stated my new job as an assistant editor to a major magazine cooperation and it’s a demanding job but I loved it. It was a job I had always dreamed of doing, and it had its perks but by the end of the day I really didn’t have the strength to do anything not to mention how odd the timings were, like today when I had come home to the apartment at around midnight and simply slipped into bed without even changing first.

But even with being tired as I was sleep didn’t come easy to me. And when it did it was a restless slumber my dreams reflected my restless state. As I felt myself fall into the dark abyss of nothingness I knew it was a dreaming and yet I felt myself trembling with fear and anxiety. I woke up with a start, panting heavily, hand to my heart, unable to understand what had caused my anxiety as cold sweat ran down my body.

My thoughts were broken by a delicate and slender hand wrapping itself around my arm, stroking it gently, trying to ease my discomfort. It helped.

“It’s alright Mike. It was just a bed dream. Come back to bed, it’ll go away soon.” The melodious voice of my girlfriend came from behind me.

As she pulled me down I felt myself relax slightly and turned to my side, her arm wrapped around my torso. Yet as I closed my eyes, I knew something was extremely wrong.

And then it hit me as my eyes flew open in shock. I didn’t have a girlfriend; hell I hadn’t been in a relationship for almost three years. And above that I lived completely alone. I did my hardest to remain quiet and not make any sudden movements. I could not understand why it had taken me this long to remember that simple fact. It was as though a haze had covered my thoughts. Careful so as not to alert who or whatever was in bed with me I got up casually yawning slightly as I got up.

“I’m gonna use the restroom honey.” I said playing the charade as I moved the slender arm of the woman away from me. In the moonlight I could tell it was slender and alabaster white but what made my skin crawl was the damp soil that covered the it, stuck under the nails. As though she had dug her way out of the ground. It had taken me only a split second to observe her but I had still maintained my cool. I was thankful that the bathroom was not connected with the bedroom. As I walked out I tiptoed to the front door picking my shoes along the way exiting as quietly as possible.

It was only when I had stepped into the lobby of the apartment building that I let myself relax a bit. It was impossible to understand how anyone could have gotten in. So I spent the night in the lobby waiting to till morning when I called the local police station explaining what had happened. Their response was immediate and soon there was a team of officers ready to escort the unknown woman out.

But what waited for us in my bedroom was not something any of us would have expected. On my bed covered in blood and soil lay the corpse of my high school girlfriend Jennifer. I hadn’t seen her in almost seven years and there she was before me lifeless. But that wasn’t the most shocking part of it all. In a few hours I had learned a piece of information that sent chills down my spine.

Jennifer had died three years ago.


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      2 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      A pretty creepy story. Thanks for sharing.


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