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School fees for a neighbour's son

Updated on December 13, 2012

School fees for a neighbour's son

The death of a doctor transported his illiterate semi-rural brother to the heart of the city. Mr john hated education, even as a direct beneficiary of the booty from it. The only way his son can extract his school fees was through serious demonstration.

Time for school fees
Time for school fees

School fees for a neighbour's son

When they say education is important ,some people don't know how useful. One of it's functions is learning how to live in harmony with others. Mr John didn't believe in his little world that other people exist .Since he moved into our neighborhood nobody has savored a restful sleep. Worst hit were those who shared a short fence with him . He partied loudly most weekends and occasionally on weekdays. Probably in celebration of his brother's demise. Fighting with his wife was another spectacle we got treated with frequently.

Talking about his sanitary habits is another issue . Mr john and his house-hold of only three ,practically transferred their semi-rural habits to the heart of the sprawling suburban dwelling place. When a person has forgotten the meaning of the word "dirt" ,all they needed was a peep across the fence in-order to be reminded.

Mr john and his dirtier wife had a son . A ten- year old boy with a bone of a seventeen-year old ,acquired through the rough terrain of his rural upbringing . While his parents were contributing their own quota to climate change by cutting down some trees in the compound, in-order to stave off the winter cold. The boy was a big bully to the suburban milk and honey boys in the neighborhood.Even older teenagers were not spared.

If not for Dr T , a renowned surgeon who owned the spacious bungalow ,who would have transported this family from the 16th to the 21ist century. The young amiable man went to bed as a doctor and was discovered as a cadaver two-days later. This was how we got stuck with Mr John.

That Mr John was an illiterate is not really the problem .What was worrisome was his attitude to education . Despite being a direct beneficiary of a largess from it. Although his dead brother's insurance took care of everything , sending his son to school was a fight and paying his school fees was a war.

Few years down the line ,with the bungalow finally reduced to their status. Shabby, crumbled , dilapidated and confirmed as the eyesore of the street. John's son became the only thing that was saved from the squalor that their house- hold became. He was intelligent ,neat and loved education .

However , time for his school fees required serious one man demonstration that practically alerts the whole neighbor- hood. Another school term ,time for yet another school fees payment.. The boy has gotten ready with his riot gears to extract his school fees from his obstinate father, when a letter dropped out of the letter box addressed to the young man. A cheque with a note that read . So that he don't end up like his father; school fees for a neighbour's son.

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School fees for a neighbour"s son

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