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the search for nothing to change

Updated on December 3, 2012

heart highway


I come and pull you

counting on

seperating my feelings

into pennies and dimes

maybe parlay them into

making sense

bringing ample portions

of those four letters and gratuity

when I drive down the street

there are exits pointing their sarcasm

highlighting that I can't ride

the road to the happiness route

like before

not for the same reasons

I trade my time for advances

causing things not to change

wake up and plan the

next scene with us

and on the first page

there is a mantel

you insist I set there

in the center for your muse

roses and pale


however the light hits my face

is where you run

that way if you stumble

I come and pull you

neither of us

search between the cushions

for what is elusive


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