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secrets to championship

Updated on December 17, 2015

You must not be imprisoned by your past rather you must pioneer your future. Leaders are learners. When you stop learning, you will stop leading. Life is a school and only those who understand that make the most of it. There are no graduates in this school of learning, we only change levels. First of all, you have to understand that champions are made out of challenges. It is challenges that begets champions. It is when we challenge our challenges that the champion in us comes alive. Only those who dare to confront ever conquer. That is why those who dodge challenges never become champions. Isaac came up and he was resisted again and again. He dug the first well they strove with him, the second and until he wearied them. You never find a champion who has not gone through the channel of challenges. And Isaac sowed in that same land where he was molested, harassed, resisted, he sowed in that land and received the same year a hundred fold and the Lord blessed him and the man went forward, he waxed strong and became very great until the philistine envied him. He became the bread winner of a whole nation because the challenges he faced brought out the champion in him. He knew the rules of the game and he kept to it.

It is challenging our challenges that brings out the best in us. Refusing to give up and bowing out. The best in Jacob came out when Laban refused to let him go. His scientific faculty came alive without having to go to any school. He was able to design a new kind of breed of flock by divine intelligence. Every time you talk of a champion, you already imply someone who has conquered his challenges. Every time a champion emerge is because there are challenges. So I believe the multitude of challenges in the world today is a covenant platform for the champions of this generation to emerge. You are living in the hour of opportunity.

Anytime a champion arises, is because there is a need to be met. Until you find what to add to others, you are not on your way to becoming a champion. Champions are men and women who championed the course of others to fulfill destiny. What makes a champion is the solution he provides and not the position he occupies. Joseph provided a solution and he became a champion in his generation. It is not in the possessions you accumulate; it is in the contributions that you make. The rich fool was so enriched and he didn’t know what to do with his riches. The bible even has no place to give us his name because it was irrelevant. So possession does not make a champion, it is contribution that does. Every real champion adds value to the men and women of his generation.

Those who leave for self always ends up as slaves. It is those who leave for others that become leaders. It is meeting needs that makes a leader and not having your needs met. The value your success adds to others is what gives it worth otherwise it is of no consequence. Living in the midst of challenges provides unlimited opportunity for the champions in you to come alive. Light does not command attention in daylight but it does in the night. Every foolish policy is an opportunity. The needs are too numerous so you can’t claim not to see a need. All you need is a dream with a passion to fill a particular area. It’s not so much about how much you are earning but how much you are adding. It’s not so much so much about how much you are getting but how much you are giving. There are men who are looking for the kind of car they will drive, and the kind of clothe top put on, start living for the kind of value you want to add. It will make all the difference and bring the champion in you out. When you stop adding, you start dying. Look at the plant, it keeps adding oxygen to the atmosphere for the animals to utilize and the animals have to keep adding carbondyoxide to the atmosphere. There is an addition that guarantees sustenance. You must be adding value to the system or you are not worthy to live. The day the plant retires from adding oxygen value to the atmosphere, it dies. You must locate a particular sector that you will start adding value.

We live in a world were what to get is the driving force behind many people.

Men who are committed to adding value to others always stay above. Many problems around are many opportunities in disguise. There are spiritual problems, that’s why pastors are there to provide spiritual solutions, there are problems in the educational system that’s why educationist is there to solve the problem. As you keep thinking others, you start leading them. There are five keys that will get you on the platform and keep you there. They are dreaming, dying, digging, daring and doing. These five keys will get anyone on the platform of championship and keep him there. It’s a circle.

  1. DREAM: Until you find a dreamer, you have not found a champion. Genesis 37, behold the dreamer cometh. It is the coming of a dreamer that leads to the birth of a champion. The race to championship begins with a dream. It is your mental picture that determines your actual future. Whatever you cannot picture, you cannot feature. You can only go as far as your eyes can see. It is your dream that defines the limit of your life. Until the dream in you comes alive, the champion in you never sees the journey of the day. So the journey to championship begins with a dream. You need a dream to make your destiny real.
  2. DYING: Its one thing to have a dream and another to die to see that dream come to pass. This is a missing factor in the journey to championship. Jesus said it in a very interesting way, except a grain of wheat fall to the ground and die, it abides alone but if it dies then it will bring forth much fruit. It takes if I perish I perish to translate your dream to reality. Until you get to that point, you are going nowhere. Paul the apostle said “I die daily; I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not”. It takes a dead man to fulfil a great dream and ministry. You can’t have a great dream without a great persecution. Dead men don’t hear insult. It takes a dying for your dreams to be fully fulfilled. We are too alive to fulfill destiny and that’s why it is farfetched to many. A dead man does not fear death. Elisha was pressing into destiny and they were mocking him but by the time he came back, they bowed to the ground. Be dead to self and alive to Gods plan for your life. The dying principle has to come back to whatever we are doing.
  3. DIGGING: it’s one thing to know where you are going and another thing to know how to get there. The labor of the foolish wearies every one of them because he does not know how to get into the city. We need to learn the how by digging deep into resources that will help boost our understanding in the pursuit of our dream. There are businessmen who has never read anything about business. You keep digging until you find it. I mean a commitment to the act of learning. An addiction to resource materials (books, tapes, cds, dvds). Dig out the treasures that will help you maximize your calling. Common sense will at its best give you a common result and every extra ordinary result will place extraordinary demand on your life. Daniel said ‘I Daniel understand by books’. Daniel was a man of wisdom who was ten times better than his mates but he said he understood by books. Paul also said ‘the books that I left with you, when you are coming bring for me particularly my note’. It is this digger that make the most of their callings.If you are not a digger you will be ditched. Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and the strength of salvation. It is not just hitting it high but keeping it flying. Learning is a life time task. Good understanding procures favor but the part of the ignorant is hard. The deeper the understanding of your task, the more favor you enjoy. The shallower you understanding, the harder the journey becomes. Many graduates have not read any book after they left school. You need information to be able to drive the vision. Information is the vehicle with which you drive every vision.

  1. DARING: In your promise land, there are giants waiting to scare you. If you are not daring, you will never step in. if you are not daring, you will never take it. You ought to be strong and very courageous. Every one that want to make the most of it must be willing to pay the price for it.

DOING: This aspect has no substitute. Jesus said “I must work”. Until you put your hand to work, you will never stop loosing worth. Even Joseph was a worker in the prison, in the house of Tiphani he was also a worker. Every dreamer that is not a worker is a joker. There is no gift of waiting of miracle but of working of miracles. Diligence in your business will make you stand before great men. If you are not a worker, you cannot command worth. Don’t spoil your children, let them work. Action speaks louder than voice.


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