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The World on High

Updated on August 23, 2009

(((I See the World on High)))


I travel in silver going across and inhabit

While splendor pops

I perceive it captured...

In brown haze on no account is

The moment adequate

Nothing remains

Stopped slated for Perpetuity...

My weeping blue nuisance in the vista of

Such intensity is

Depression of brilliance never to

Emerge again.

I believe with a pearled heart

It should be treasured


As I see the World on High


I yearn dipping my brush to convey it by my hand

Manipulated tender as multitudes as they be...

Rushed green jagged times discourages

Survival vocation steals

Disappointment plants despondency....

Until my blistered Core is eased

By the consideration and

Knowledge of Akashic Records

Reserved for time without end...

The Pink charged hope

As I see the World on High

A trust of shimmering gold gives faith to be

A continual occasion

To reveal my renditions of

Distinctive time expressions.

The brightness of diamond faceted settings

The sculpture of looking,

Seeing, visualizing, molding,

Showing and sharing...

The reflection of lavender breezes

Of having continuous moments

As I See the World on High

Encouraged with electric blues to have a reason

To recognize,

To feel there is a function to love life.

To embrace turquoises of mica in the joy of expressing

Wanting to exist for creation,

To illustrate the vision of transverse magnificence...

I look ahead to the brightest of horizons

To this novel time

To Share, adore and see only grey no more.

To see the white light of the world on high

Relish the infinite time

Of contented creative times.

I See the World on High

By Lisa J. Warner


Copyright 2007 by Lisa J. Warner

All rights Reserved

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    • Lisa Luv profile image

      Lisa J Warner AKA Lisa Luv 8 years ago from Conneticut, USA

      Many of the visuals are from one of my favotite places~

      The following is the rescource~