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Self-fulfilling prophesy,the power of the tongue

Updated on September 20, 2012

self-fulfilling prophesy ,the power of the tongue

Whatever dominates our thought processes most of the time and what we confess frequently ,has a way of coming to pass.This is what is known as self-fulfilling prophesy. As soon as the words go- out ,it is surrounded by a force- field which could make it come to fulfillment . This is why it is important to send our tongues to school by reading and reading positive thoughts and confession books.


self-fullfilling prophecy
self-fullfilling prophecy

Self-fulfilling prophesy,the power of the tongue

The impact of nagative confession in our life

The tongue is the smallest part of the body but the most potent .With the power of the tongue ,the world was created and a careless statement made at the wrong place could cause a lot of problems.When we continually speak negatively ,sometimes we could begin to relieve the experience and it could come to pass as a self -fulfilled prophesy. This is a situation where whatever we always confess becomes a reality.

A very good example of negative confession is in the bible concerning the story of Sampson .When his hair grew and he was powerful again ,he had the power to speak for the demise of his enemies alone .However, he talked himself into dieing with his adversaries .He got what he declared because of self-fulfilling prophesy.

Apart form this , stories abound in real life where individuals had failed victim to the confessions they made.This is what one of the victims had to say about negative statements. As you are reading this now ,my son is in jail and i believe i talked him into it .I didn't do that by encouraging him to become a criminal ,far from that . However ,my negative statements on his head navigated the course his life took.At the end ,it became a self -fulfilled prophesy

My husband was the type that makes spinsters get scared of marriage .He was cruel and beats me up at the drop of a hat and i endured three uninterrupted years of pummeling in his hands. .As if that was not enough, before he died he made sure i remembered the beatings by making me pregnant with this boy .As soon as i noticed the close resemblance between him and my late husband ,i made up my mind not love him too much.

To me ,his second name was stupid and foolish was his third name. Sometimes i referred to him with other repulsive words that my tongue could muster .I never believed he would amount to anything in life and i made sure he was aware of that .The pain of those years of brutalization consumed me that i transferred it to the innocent child . Of -course he didn't disappoint , he became everything i called him and added some extra.This was a clear case of self -fulfilling prophesy. If giving another chance ,i would have done things differently.

The importance of training our tongue to speak positively to every situation can't be over -emphasized .This is because whatever we utter out has a way of creating a force around it, which could make it come to pass. To our children ,family ,jobs and businesses ,it is always good to say positive things about them. The best way to learn how to do this is to send our tongues to school by reading and reading books on positive thoughts and confessions.


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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: Thanks for the comment

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      I don't want to believe in it, but I can see how it can happen.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @JaShinYa LM: You are right on point ,thanks for the comment

    • JaShinYa LM profile image

      JaShinYa LM 5 years ago

      In relation to the lens or mine that you visited, becoming part of a social stereotype is often a major issue involving Self-fulfilling prophecies. For example: Someone might consider themselves a stupid redneck even if they aren't stupid, yet they still do poorly in school.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @msseiboi: Thanks for the comment

    • profile image

      msseiboi 5 years ago

      It is out there, which has devastating consequences for those who believe it.