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Introducing My eBook: Senior Citizen Caregiving 101 - Things I Wish I Had Known

Updated on November 1, 2013

Writing a book had never been on my forefront of things to do until it dawned on me that I had learned a whole lot during the 5 years I cared for my elderly Mom aka Gertie.

Mom came to live with me permanently after my adorable and much cherished Dad died on April 4, 2007. In 65 years of marriage and 5 years of 'courting', they had rarely been apart so the transition to living 'alone' with me was a bit rough. How could it not be? The love of her life had just died; the fact that he had lived a full and wonderful life did little to assuage the sorrow in both of our hearts.

But, over the next 5 years, we forged our own sometimes wonderful, sometimes scary, but always interesting life together. I took on the caregiving role with no idea whatsoever what I was in for. My eBook "Senior Citizen Caregiving 101: Things I Wish I Had Known" was written in the hopes of helping other caregivers who tred my same path with some basic information.

My eBook contains 15 chapters of what I hope is useful information. I'm not a medical doctor (although, for 30 years, I've been in the medical field as a Clinical Study Data Manager) so the thoughts and opinions in my book are all my own. I also interspersed some 'Gertie-isms' - some things that my elderly Mom would come up with. She was a very funny woman so the Gertie-isms are one of the best parts of the books, in my humble opinion.

I was about a year into caregiving when it dawned on me that I could bone up on the topic with the help of some good books. So, I headed to amazon and, with a gift card that my Mom gave me (I guess she wanted me to bone up on caregiving too...), I picked up 2 good caregiving books which are below.

Note: the first link below is my other eBook about blind dogs. I agree with the reviewers in that it is short and light reading. It does have some good ideas about acclimating the blind dog back to a normal life though, such as putting hot dog pieces on the steps to teach them to go up and down.

My dog went blind - Now WHAT?!
My dog went blind - Now WHAT?!

This is my other eBook - I had a blind dog who lived life just fine. That's wee Gizmo, my dog, in the picture - she's not blind, just slap-me adorable!

American Medical Association Guide to Home Caregiving
American Medical Association Guide to Home Caregiving

This caregiving guide was my go-to book when I had a question.


"These Things Happen"

The first 3 words my Mom said to me on the phone the night my Dad died. For some reason, those words gave me strength. We went on to have 5 wonderful, magical years together.

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