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Shadows On The Wall

Updated on July 29, 2010

In the middle of the night, as I lay in bed asleep

I'm awakened by the noise, and unrelenting grief

I wish I was back in my safe deep sleep

I hear the sadness in your voice, and the intoxication in yours

She yells 'you shouldnt 'taste test' beer in stores'

I am five years old and understand it all

Had to grow up fast, even though I was still very small

As you both keep aruging, I walk to the washroom

For a moment its silent, until I slam the door to my bedroom

'See, now she hates me!' I hear you say

'No, I dont hate you.' I think, just dont like what goes on everyday

My brother and sister dont remember much, they're very fortunate

As for me, I remember it all, and am left being very upset

It hurts me inside to have you both act this way

But your bond left long ago, I wish it would have stayed

The connection you have, the love deep inside

It crept away slowly, drained away, just died

There's a knot in my throat, as I release all this sorrow

I hope that I dont dream about this again and feel sad tomorrow

There are shadows on the wall,by the light from the TV

And I wonder why all this had to happen to me

But then again, why not? Why should I be an exception

Why should I be spared of life's sharp,hurtful weapon

How it pierces my heart, and leaves me in pain

I guess that's what I get for being so vain

I'm not to be spared, or saved from this agony at all

Life for me will always be one constant fall

But it's ok, I am who I want to be

Strong, caring, filled with loyalty

And just like the shadows that danced to the rhythym of your words

They will vanish, disappear crouch away unnerved

Just like my feelings about this all

Going into hiding, not coming out when you call...


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