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Secret of success in life

Updated on July 16, 2014

Analyse every successful peoples life. There will be found a common hidden things that was driven himself to success. Most of them have an interesting history of life. Most of the millionaire started their business with limited of capitals. There have a history of being a president, not only a president but also a world leader, who was once borned in a poor family. Many scientists you will found who had no any academic study on science. A large number of success people you will find who was failure in academically even professionally. What is the secret of this?

You will ever heard the history of pea nut selling boy on street becoming a president. A clerk who got no a good job, but being a words famous scientist. Have you ever heard the story of a scientist who is disabled and only get a passed mark that is not appropriate to teach in a college. But is true that he become a world famous scientist. Who does not complete the graduation in physics from harvard, Bill Gates became a richest man in the world.

Secrets of their success is their believes about themselves and upon their knowledge and creativity. Only the things and dreams make themselves big. If Einstein was failured to think that he can do big, he was failed to do big even thinking to do big, making it really is so far. If one thinks after graduation that now he need a good job for a secured life. If he never get a job life will be spoiled. No girl will marry himself! What a strange thinking. He have no confident with himself. How is possible to doing big with him.


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