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The Best Sherlock Holmes Books and Novels

Updated on June 1, 2013

Sherlock Holmes is the fictional detective from the stories of the writer/doctor Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It's one of the most famous literary characters of all times. Sherlock Holmes Books are characterised by the protagonists intelligence and his power to deduce important conclusions from apparantly unimportant events.

Dr. Watson accompanies Sherlock Holmes in Books and they live together in an appartment on Baker Street 221B. To this day letters asking for Sherlock Holmes help arrive here. THe main character of the Sherlock Holmes books is a man of many skills he knows a lot about chemistry, sensationalism, botany, britisch law and botany. He also is a skilled fighter with his fists, guns, his cane and even swords but that is never demonstrated in Sherlock Holmes books.

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All the Sherlock Holmes books complete at a very good price. Not a perfect edition but absolutely great if you want to renew your infatuation with Sherlock Holmes or are just discovering the books of this most famous detective.

This novel is worldwide seen as the best Sherlock Holmes book. If you read one, you have to read this one. It's 1889 and Sherlock Holmes is called upon by dr. Mortimer who wants to escort Henry Baskervile from Canada to his family estate on Dartmoor. The baskervilles are cursed however and a Hellhound is supposedly endangering them. Henry who is inheriting the estate from his uncle Charles who died under suspicious circumstances. Because Sherlock Holmes is too busy he sends dr. Watson who discovers in Baskerville that the legends about the Hellhound are true and the Baskervilles are quite likely cursed. Farmers have seen the beast and they find a pawprint. It's time to bring in Sherlock Holmes.

It's 1888 and Sherlock Holmes get caugh up in a complicated mystery regarding the East India Company, treasures, a secret pact among the four, corrupt prison guards and the Indian Rebellion. In this Sherlock Holmes Book the reader learns of the detective's cocaïne habit and comes to know a great deal about the character of the famous detective which wasn't touched upon in a study of scarlet. Worldwide this is regarded as one of the best Sherlock Holmes books.

4. A Study in Scarlet

In a a Study in Scarlet Sherlock Holmes is first introduced and we follow him and dr. Watson who is recovering from war. They come to live together and Scotland Yard contacts Sherlock Holmes about a mysterious murder. The two characters are so wonderfull together that it is no mystery that they would feature in the most succesfull detective series of all time and become the two most famous detective characters ever.

The final Sherlock Holmes book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes gets a letter stating that something is about to happen at the estate called Birlstone. Sherlock Holmes then hears that Jack Douglas the owner has died to a shotgun blast. Cecil Barker an old friend discovered the body.

From there the story complicates in true Sherlock Holmes fashion. There are clues and there are mysteries. Many fans of Sherlock Holmes books across the world think this is one of the finest mysteries. However it's not the best choice for a new reader. You don't learn so much about the character and it is the last book written. It's a highly recommended work but not for a new Sherlock Holmes reader.


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