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Short form words in English

Updated on November 21, 2014

Images of Short Form

Short Form is Useful or Useless

Everybody knows about the shorten form of English words. It is a strange phenomenon. The word you try to write in shorten form disturbs you more than its long form. You have to change your writing or typing tempo to use this short form. You have to lose your writing concentration as well as speed. You also sometimes irritate the person who is using this language as second language.

He does not know or is not well versed in this form. He may misunderstand the words and can alter the meanings of the text. He is often confused and beats about the bush to make out anything from these short form words. The worst form of this short form has come into vogue, thanks to the mobile and computer chatting.

Number of Characters

The recent abundant use of internet messaging and mobile phone messaging has given birth to a queer language which is worse than the language. People do not bother to write complete words. The people who are not English speaking by birth or have no command over the English language go astray to comprehend the text. Mostly letters and numbers are mixed in messaging language.In fact the short form is not short in most cases. Look at the following examples: It is is written as It’s there are four letters in the long and the short form.

'He is' written as He's which has the same number of letters/characters. (I am counting the apostrophe as letter because it is necessary to put over the letter)If you go through all the words that are shortened you will find the same thing in all of them. Then what does the short form means?


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