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The Last of Us

Updated on August 18, 2016

Chapter 1

We are the 13 kid’s of the most richest people in the world. There were 20 of us but some could not handle being locked in a metal tube for 6 years. Myself, Jordan, Elise, and Darren have taken charge of the camp . Elsie has trained herself to be a nurse and cared for the sick and injured. She always wore her blonde hair slicked back and her intelligence shone through her personality as she always carried herself with well and poised. Darren has taken a particular interest in the weaponry though he never let his shaggy hair get in the way of shooting the target. Jordan has turned out to be our best cook out of the 13 of us, he was kinder than most considering what we have been through but everyone thought he withheld his anger and one day snap. For myself I just make sure that no one else goes insane. Today could be the day we step out to see what was left of our world. The radiation was down and almost low enough for us to go out there. When we arrived at the tube everyone once around 10 years old, one son was 16. Simon was the son of the world famous actor and he had to take care of all of us eventually he taught how to detect radiation and how the tube works he was the one who taught the four of us the certain skills we posses. He trained myself, Jordan, Elise, and Darren like the siblings he never had. In the end he couldn't handle taking care of all of us, that's also why we keep the weapons in a locked box. I double-checked the toxins and the radiation levels again and I knew today was the day we see what they have done.

I called everyone to the center of the tube. The door was you are right staring us down “Today is the day we can finally step out and see the Earth.” people whispered among themselves questioning the news “We are sending a group of forward to see what lies outside Elise, Darren, and I will all be going out. Jordan has volunteered to stay and keep order in the Tube, so we will be choosing another to come with us.” Darren stood to talk “The council will pick another one of us to come with us.”. We called the four of us the council to make it seem more official, though it did not seem to have much effect among the survivors. Everyone turned to each other wondering who will be picked though some already retreated to their bunks with no interest of going out. The council went to the only table to talk Darren was the first to speak “What about Sam?” all of us knew why he picked him. He was like Darren's little brother but he was reckless and unaware, the silence gave him his answer. Elise broke the silence “Daisy?” she questions. Daisy was sweet and kind but not someone I would take to go out into the unknown. Darren immediately shut the the plea down. Elise turned and asked “Edalyn who do you think should go?” I looked down and thought of the possibilities “Brooklyn, she would be a good asset.” The others dwelled on the idea, but before the verbal agreement was made Jordan spoke“I think Donny should go.” we stared at him puzzled and wondering, why Donny? He was timid, shy, and only 10 years old. “The youngest should know what it looks like when you destroy one another.” After much discussion we settled with Donnie the youngest needs to understand now the only thing left was to tell everyone we said on top the table prepared to make our announcement the people who stood in front thought they would be chosen. As per usual Darren spoke first “We have chosen Donny.” confusion stretched across the crowd. The most confused seemed to be Donny, we all step down from the table and was immediately bombarded with questions. We walk past the small group of people wondering why it wasn't them. The four of us went to Donny and sat with him on his bunk we all barely fit on it. Elise was barely hanging on to the bed, we told him why we picked him but he still confused. I spoke on the matter “Donny do you know what actually happened outside” he looked down as he shook his head “This is why we picked you no one talks about it anymore and we should because in a way it's a part of all of us. We are all in here because of it, so we all need to understand why. It isn’t something we should try to forget, if we forget then we forget all those people who had once populated the earth.” he finally looked up and spoke “So what happened?” before I could begin Jordan stood up and called everyone to surround the bunk. I began the story “The America and Asia had been in a war for about a year Asia had began to worry as they had been losing, so they build a nuclear bomb. The America had people planted throughout the Asian army so soon enough they heard of the nuclear bomb they were creating in order to defend themselves America set on making their own bomb this launched the world into a nuclear war. As countries started to ally with others, every day there was a new tragedy one day it was the Eiffel Tower and the next it was the Statue of Liberty. Wanting to end the war once and for all Asia created a bomb that would end the war. Word got back to America but we chose not to make another bomb if America had made a bomb to the scale the whole world would be gone. The American people were warned as they knew it would wipe out the bits and pieces that once was left of America once word got back to our parents they knew they had to at least try to save their children. They hired the smartest people in the world to build the Tube. As you all know we were put in here and survived the bomb. What Asia had not accounted for was the radiation this bomb would set off. Millions were killed off by the radiation. The few who survived soon died throughout the nuclear winter as the radiation made it impossible to grow plants. As many before us predicted humanity killed itself. Now the radiation has cleared enough for us to walk the earth and see the damage after four years. We might be able to rebuild Humanity.” some stared at the floor as some cried thinking of their parents. But we just sat on the bunk wondering what if.


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    • Lince Tomy profile image

      Lince 18 months ago from New Delhi, India

      An awesome piece of work.....would love to read a follow-up