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Sight for some

Updated on February 27, 2015

As i walked effortlessly, like a thousand time before, eyes seeing but not watching, touching the walls but not feeling, that's the good thing about habit you just glide through it, without even thinking.

But this day was different, he could feel that someone was watching him, and that has been bugging him since long, for the first time he looked up in weeks, and just waited at the side.

He had a superpower of being invisible to people, then how come this. He uttered a curse under his breath, then he saw her.. there she was, a few paces behind him, she was nothing like what he had ever seen before, he couldn't stop staring, this was a face for gods, what he didn't get was why was she looking at him. She came close and just passed by, now this puzzled him, why would you just stare at someone then pass him by as if he wasn't there. He closed his eyes, memories flooding in. Too many times this has happened, too many times he just stood there like he didn't exist. too many times he had been trampled upon, walked right through, this ended now. Every wrong must be righted.

A new wave rushed through him, feelings overwhelmed him, with moist eyes and renewed strength he went ahead and confronted her, momentarily staggered by her beauty, regained, she hesitatingly asked what's wrong, who are you. In his rage he didn't see anything but the past, what was done and how he would avenge himself today, she kept asking why he stopped her, who he was, what's wrong, never did she looked at him.... infuriated...he stepped forward to confront her. Finally there he saw...the cane, the dark shades in her hand, a copy of the directions in Braille... What was he thinking?

Ashamed he couldn't face her, finally reaching out for her hand he lied, in a whisper, "let me walk you out, you were going towards the stairs". She was thankful, she said she was blessed to have people like him who cared... Guilt washed through, there's no redeeming now. She may not be able to see, but his sight was impaired not, tainted.


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