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signed simply, me

Updated on December 20, 2012

Signed simply, me

Cant you see

No matter how much I love you

I have to move on

But every time I think

Just for a minute

That I can

I feel as if my heart is being torn out

Ripped asunder

And torn to bits

I feel as if I cant move on

Its as if the moment I do

You will realize

That you love me

Like I love you

But thats it

Im tearing myself away from you

You are the most beautiful girl I've ever known

And now its time for me to find another

To break away from your resonating beauty

Your ever giving love

Its time for me to move on

So im leaving you this note

It simply says

“I will always love you Goodbye”

Signed simply



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    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 5 years ago from Delhi, India

      Sorry for leaving...