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Silenced Through Stones

Updated on April 10, 2017

take a listen, unwind, barricade in your mind.

Crows Don't Only Breathe in Darkness

Before I knew how to make poetry,

I was drawn to symbolisms.

i was always trying to uncover the truth

that lay hidden beneath the surface.

I would invest myself into these ideas

and find languages that were lost.

Not everything that rusted was never

meant to be touched.

I think I took an interest in this when

I was in high school.

Everyday I would wake up sick,

standing beside my nerves.

i dreaded these dangerous mornings

with my mind.

though I would listen to my body,

I didn't quite understand why I felt

time was my enemy.

it would take me several years to

learn how to adapt and progress in

and out my body.

It would take me studying the elements

of thinking.

we exist in many stages.

we even exist when we want time to stop.

how cruel time must be to let us breathe.

how cruel it is to not cherish these breaths.

the breaths you breathe.

even the breaths that send

shivers up the spines of former selves.

we're not transparent, yet

moments pass through us.

there comes a time when

we stop holding onto tomorrow.

a time when our breath stops.

a time when the sky will fade from

our point of view.

a time we may not recognize.

there will come a time when like

stars, we will long be gone.

light years away from our current self.

it is important to never feel almost complete.

it is important to never stop growing from falling.

we stand against the roots we've grown within.

a source of structure in our minds to


when nothing is missed we

water our thoughts.

its okay to not question or


Its okay to learn nothing is


we too can turn our brains off

when the sun goes down.

a time to part with

and a time to return.


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    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 9 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Wow. Every word of this poem is full of imagery and emotion. So much here. Must be read and re-read to get a fraction of what is contained in these words.