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Discover the Secrets of Your Cat with the Simon's Cat Book, Funny, Cute and Clever

Updated on June 6, 2013

Simon's Cat Book is a Definite must for Cat Lovers Everywhere

I love Simon's Cat. It is so funny. I have seen many a clip on his antics. The fun clips in Simon's cat book will be appreciated by cat lovers everywhere it is just so true to live with a cat and he has captured the funny side. Sweet little cartoon drawings that burst with fun.

The Simon's cat books make a great gift for any cat lover and there are several to choose from.

All photos by Amazon.

simon's cat book

The Simon's Cat Book

The Simon's cat book is just as funny as the YouTube clips even though you cannot hear the little cat with all his chirps and meows. There are lots of really funny short clips that will have us cat lovers rolling about with laughter.

The illustrations are simple yet brilliant and has plenty of variety. The book is just the same as the videos in tone and character and is wordless.

The Sion Cats books are definitely written by a cat lover who really knows his cats. Every movement and antic is probably echoed worldwide by cats everywhere. (Personally, I think they are secretly reading the books to for ideas of what to get up to next!)

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Simon and the Cat The Not So Perfect Relationship!

Many people consider these brilliant little books as some of the best books on cats out there today. I think it is pure genius and so true to life with a cat. The little kitty comes across as very real and shows a great relationship between a cat and it's man!

Their relationship is as non functional as any other human relationship and the cat is always up to something! That what make it such fun.

Simon is as good as gold to his feline friend always treating it with infinite kindness.

Simon's Cat Staring in Fowl Play - A Clip ot Youtube Simons Cat

This cute youtube Simons cat clip is so sunny. If you love Somon's Cat clips then you will love this.

Is Simon's Cat the Universal Cat Book?

This brilliant cartoons seem to be ageless with both adults and children liking them alike. Because they are so simple kids can understand them easily. they bring a smile to everyone (except of course those who don't like cats) (shrug maybe even they find them funny too!)

The clips are really short, sometimes as short as one panel. Other times a few panels put together.

simon tofield

Simon Tofield started his clips in simple cartoon video format that have taken off all other the net and are shared widely by cat lovers all over Facebook and other social sites.

He then went on to create books and now both formats are very popular in many different countries.

Simon is a British animator who does in fact have four cats which would explain his unending inspiration for our furry friends antics!

Hi s cats are called Maisy and Jess and Hugh and Teddy. Some black cats are obviously lucky as he has two. Masy looks like my old cat Masy with white bib and stripes and Jess is a mirror of Venus (but with green eyes) the now famous cat on Facebook

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