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Simple Acts of Kindness

Updated on February 7, 2019
Kind, gentle hands holding tiny sparrow
Kind, gentle hands holding tiny sparrow | Source

Kindness Defined

Acts of kindness are selfless, spontaneous gestures that we should practice in our everyday living in order to live happy, healthy and rewarding lives. Unselfish acts that make others happy can in return inspire the benefactors of such acts to pass it forward. A kind, caring spirit emanates peace and good will. Conversely, unkindness may result in sadness, hurt and anger. We should, not only, strive to be kind to our fellow human beings, but also to the animal kingdom as well. An act of kindness is reciprocated; it warms the heart, uplifts the spirit and spurs us on to do more.

Lend a helping hand
Lend a helping hand | Source

Demonstrating Kindness and Goodwill

We can extend a helping hand and demonstrate our capacity to love and care for humanity and other species in a variety of ways. In our "goings and comings" to or from work, at the gym or whatever mode of travel we find ourselves in. The satisfaction that is derived from the joy we bring to others when they need help the most certainly makes it all worthwhile.

Kindness in Action

Assisting in Other Ways

Let us be reminded that old-fashioned gallantry still exists as relates to kindness and most women are still charmed by such kind, chivalrous acts. It is rather pleasant and pleasing to be relieved of a burdensome load and have a strong young man make an offer to help. This is what separates the men from the boys.

Caring for the elderly
Caring for the elderly | Source

Kind Gestures Say I Care

Consider the things you can do to make it easier for someone who crosses your path. A thoughtful gesture or a gentle smile can dispel the gloom and open a window of sunshine making someone's day bright and happy. Parents, family members and those who care about you can help you to improve your outlook towards life and strengthen your resolve to make this world a better place than it was before you got there.

Recommended Reading

Random Acts of Kindness Then and Now: The 20th Anniversary of a Simple Idea That Changes Lives

This book created so much public interest after it was published that this resulted in a kindness movement being launched from its inspiration. The movement consists of people being kind to each other. The book is a great gift idea and was named a "Best Bet for Educators" in 2000 by USA today.


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