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Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil by Derek Landy

Updated on March 3, 2013
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Nightcat is an avid reader who loves writing reviews to spread her addictions with the masses.

Skulduggery Pleasant, Skeleton Detective

Skulduggery has always watched over Valkyrie, always been protective of her, and his need for vengeance if she were ever hurt is legendary. But what would happen if she walked away from him of her own free will? What if Valkyrie abandoned her best friend and partner over a lack of trust?

Could Skulduggery ever forgive her? Is he really the man others warn her he is, a heartless monster? Fans will note other characters seem to be saying things her Skulduggery can't say himself to Valkyrie. In the end, does she truly trust him with her life? The fate of the world may depend on it.

By the end of the novel, one friend is lost forever, will it be Skulduggery? As usual, massive spoilers ahead. All scans are my own, all other photos or artwork are linked and credited. If you own the copyright to any of the art used herein and want credit and a link, or something removed, please contact me.

Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil

The mortal coils here are going to be a prefect host to some Remnants on a mission: they want Darquesse as their queen. Just how far will they go, and will any of Valkyrie's friends be left untainted?

The novel also brings up the contrast between what Skulduggery has the potential to be with his enemies, and how he is with Valkyrie. Is her reflection right? Would he kill her just as easily as he's killed countless others under the right conditions?

Mortal Coil (Import) (Skulduggery Pleasant # 5)
Mortal Coil (Import) (Skulduggery Pleasant # 5)

I think almost every fan knows favorite quotes from the novel, though there is one from the dock scene that is truly epic. It has to be one of the most loving things Skulduggery has ever said to Valkyrie, scolding her gently for not trusting him completely. But you have to wonder what else he meant to say. Only Landy knows and he isn't telling.

Readers owe it to themselves to snag a copy of the novel, even if it is the only one in the series they ever read. Valkyrie's need to be strong, to be perfect for Skulduggery and never disappoint him costs her dearly, and she also confesses to Fletcher she'd rather spend time with Skulduggery. Oh dear.


Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil Book Trailers and more

Friendship 2.0: Skulduggery and Valkyrie - Scan of my copy

Skulduggery adores Valkyrie, doting on her endlessly. Then the boyfriends have to come along, and suddenly he isn't the center of her universe. He gets jealous, and hurt. How could she abandon him at a time he's sure he needs her most?

He also wants to protect her, since she can't think straight and won't see how bad a vampire boyfriend is. Though to Valkyrie's credit Caelan kissed her first. She doesn't seem to know what she wants at this point: Fletcher, Caelan, or just more time with her partner. She does try to stay loyal to Fletcher and she can't be blamed for the kiss.

But since she royally insults Fletcher by admitting she'd rather be with Skulduggery, that sounds like it would be the best option. Skulduggery for his part seems to be content to stand back and watch her make horrible choices after she rejects his advice.

Valkyrie does care about Skulduggery, but she's trying to be too tough, too independent. Her need to show him she is his equal, and adult, gets her killed. It also hurts Skulduggery since he sees only rejection and not her desire to please him and make him proud of her. You noticed he never does answer her, right?

They are the best of friends, but they both seem to be trying way too hard in this novel. Skulduggery has to show he has better friends like China, by picking her to go on a mission with him, and Valkyrie responds by sniping his attempts at closeness.

Epic Quote

Well there WAS an epic quote here,.before the Squidoo filters freaked out. So fill in your own below. Cheers!

Other Cover, German Edition, Audiobook

The Wonderful Adventures of Geoffrey Scrutinous

The short story for this novel is a delightful romp after the heaviness of the main story. Skulduggery and Valkyrie have to protect Scrutinous, and they are back to their old behavior. Skulduggery for his part dividing his time between preening and doting on Valkyrie, and she is turn letting him behave however he wishes.

By the time the story ends Skulduggery is showing all the maturity of a two-year-old and being scolded by Valkyrie. It is nice to see them real friends again, after all the hurt and heartache of the novel.

Art courtesy of Skulduggery Pleasant

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Some Valduggery!!! - Too awesome not to share

Vaduggery can be cute, sweet, and very innocent. It describes the bond between the two friends, and how nothing will ever break it. I love the song since I think it fits to novel rather well. Poor Skulduggery doesn't want Val growing up and moving on. OK she can grow up, but surely she needs the Skeleton Detective the most, right? As if she'd ever abandon her best friend.

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