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Still Dreaming

Updated on July 3, 2013

Still Dreaming

So I Was Dreaming,

That I was Dreaming,

That I was Sleeping next to a Girl,

Who was Silently Weeping,

For A Type of Healing,

That would Wake Me,

Not Realizing Entirely of myself,

That Somehow I have Perished,

And can no longer cherish,

The things I Hold Dear,

For now I have Succumbed to my biggest Fear.

Tired of Fighting

Sometimes I feel like if I stop fighting there would be no more lighting,

to help guide me thru to where I need to be,

But if I stop fighting and struggling,

And just give up,

Then life would be so easier,

Because I would no longer matter,

Nor exist no one would really care either,

But then that mustn't be true because,

During my fighting I came across you,

Who no longer required me to be blue,

Or feel enclosed in this cage like a zoo,

So I guess I'll Continue to fight,

Because if I didn't,

without you,

There would be no me,

Then I would no longer be able to see,

The transparent emotions that pour out,

Of you and allow me to be Seen...

I'll keep fighting because if Im alive,

Then you'll let me in..


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