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Small Gods

Updated on November 16, 2012

My Review

Brutha is an illiterate gardener weeding the melons when out of the blue, his God, the Great God Om, speaks to him in the appearance of a tortoise.

Omnia is heading to war, and Deacon Vorbis, head of the Quisition, discovers that Brutha has a unique talent that can be exploited to help achieve Omnia's ambitions.

But the Great God Om is having an effect on the previously docile and accepting Brutha. The novice is developing a mind of his own..

And the turtle MOVES!

(All proceeds from this lens benefit Donors Choose, benefitting classrooms all across America!)

Small Gods

Small Gods
Small Gods

Amazon Reader Review of Small Gods:

Philosophers Have Right of Way, November 21, 2004

By Theo Logos (Pittsburgh, PA) - See all my reviews

If there is truth to the old adage that humor is simply tragedy revisited, then Terry Pratchett's Small Gods may be the world's funniest books. Pratchett has revisited the whole bloody history of religion, philosophy, government, and science as they are put to use in the service of war, death, and destruction, and served them up as a feast of knowing smiles, wicked grins, meaningful chuckles, spontaneous laughter, and a couple of uncontrollable guffaws for desert. But be warned, if you don't find it palatable to mix a bit of thinking and contemplation with your laughter, you might want to pass on this one.

Pratchett may be a philosopher disguised as a fantasy novelist and humorist. He gives us characters that brilliantly capture the gamut of human endeavor, from the pure malice of Vorbis, the true believer inquisitor, to the equally pure humanity of Brutha, the peasant prophet of brotherly love. He shows a keen understanding of the entire muddle in between, where most of us dwell, as well. He dissects the nature of belief and the relationship that humans have to their gods and vice-a-versa. And he shows exactly why the best human instincts so rarely win out in the end and what could happen when they do. Along the way, he scatters a plethora of erudite and silly jokes like land mines. Dissertations could be written on this book, but that would miss the point.

Avoid this book if you are adverse to cleverness and hilarity. Otherwise, put your hands on a copy post haste and join the delighted initiates of Pratchett's marvelous and witty world.


An amazing spiritual journey under the cloak of humor and wit!

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The best line ever:

Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum - this translates loosely to: "When you have their full attention in your grip, their hearts and minds will follow."

More books by Terry Pratchett - Vote for your favorites, or add any I missed.

Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.


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