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Smile From Half A Mile

Updated on March 1, 2016


1- ‘Appetites Viscera’

You would have surely heard of ‘Sinuata’? The world’s oldest organisation, operating all over the seven continents of the world since the very inception of human race! The world famous ‘Sinuata’ is super sole representative of the elegant world. It is the eminent emblem and trade mark sign of the compendium of world’s civil and civilized societies. It is the organisation which aims at propagating the entertainment throughout the world. It is the icon and idol of the entertainment industries and tycoon of all diversions and leisure. It is the inventor mentor and protector of amusement related ventures. Accountants and managers of its chains and the branches and outlets of distractions have tightened the cuffs around the money counters of casino, pubs, bars and hotels and its lustrous avatars and boisterously enchanting looks have captivated the beaches and bays. The play grounds have become its playing fields and it considers everything cricket. There are billions of its workers, mostly volunteers, mainly self employed. Its jingle is ‘appetites Viscera’. Its motto is to stuff entertainment into the souls and spirits of common man. It multiplies joy to puff up every body with some hot pursuit. Its founder was a great visionary who with his supreme faculties created a simple system to join it. His method of trapping was just like that of the mobile companies of today which offer packages along with free SIM cards. Mobiles, pc’s, tabs and smart phones, lap tops and palm tops, all are the inventions of its fertile minds and fall freely within its jurisdiction. They are now like the jugular vein of the entertainment. There are no executive members or common members but an advisory council works under the auspices of this organisation. It is self controlled governing body. The advisory board comprises of all races and all nations on the face of earth. The universal representation has been its permanently unchanged principle, rule or law. From all continents all communities are its members. The President is the supreme commander of this most powerful organisation. He is the person who overcomes all the aspirants of this unique portfolio. He might be from any continent and from any community. He once boosted to the post assigns the duties on merit-real merit. It would be better to say that it has no specific religious, ethical or ethnological affiliations. To get its membership is a child’s play. You need not to write a bond or give surety. You are not interviewed or any given any aptitude test. It believes in practical, no educational restriction is applied too. The most illiterate are often preferred in it and those who are learned illiterate are often rewarded too. You have to just take part in any joyous activity enlisted in its contents or even invent a new one by adapting your theory according to its policies, you are member. No fees, no papers, no tension. It is as it was -voluntary and wilful. The advisory council is rotational and is chosen after the constant deliberation for a specific assignment. The members are rewarded on the basis of their achievements and laurels. Extra ordinary traits are always a prize and well known following is considered an additional trait for its advisory board member. It functions without any checks and balances because there are no checks and no balances in it. It is an entertainment propagating organisation and you know there is no need to have a check or a balance on an entertainment. It is the heart throb of millions even billion and there would be a few who would avoid it, perhaps due to their jealous nature or lack of resources or cynical bent of mind! ii The Pundit Yogi is an awesome member. He is a Yoga expert possessing preternatural powers and above all a Soul Searcher who with some metaphysical powers can send his soul out from his body and call it back to his body. He has practised so much that he could leave his body and roam with his soul. He has been living in the city of Yogis since his ancestors’ times. He has enabled his soul to leave his body and wander all over the world for any assigned purpose. He is one of the few people in this world which could drag a weight of many kilos with their natal organs. In those days he did not wear any clothes. His exercises and practice of yoga reached to the sublime heights and he was elevated as the most venerable and powerful Yoga expert are. He can lift himself in the air and can live for many days without any food or water in a grave. He was there on the beach of an island where he could meet the president. He had come here to inform his boss about an extra ordinary incident. It was his duty to deliver even break the news of such a remarkable happening on the face of the earth as has never happened before. There he came by Amil Baba too- the witch master- who was also member of the advisory council. He was expert in black magic and was not less than the Soul Searcher. He could perform magic to do anything black. The third member, who was there, was a politician Ebru. He was so gullible, crook, master of deforming the right into wrong and a conspirator of the first rank that he was barred even from his own nation to live there, so he was at the liberty to live anywhere in the world. He was an enticing planner of underworld, creator of crises of such a great magnitude that its solution would need another crisis. Jack White was the expert advisor in innovating the new ways of entertainment on the beach, bays, casino, hotels and bars. There appeared the President as he seemed fatigued and unsatisfied with the progress of his Organisation ‘Sinuata’. All threw smiley greetings towards the President when he sat on the throne covered with a robe designed as the skins of white and black young boys and girls. 2-Metamorphic Aliens The Yogi stood up and yelled that he had observed strange activity of strange creatures or miniatures. The Amil Baba seconded him. He told a bit further. The Ebru doubted their concocted mares’ nests. The Amil Baba was upbraided by the President to utter a few words about the presence of a this dilemma. Amil Baba: They are strange aliens –Solaro and Lunara. Solaro is a prince and Lunara is the princess of the planet Venujup. They are here as Solaro has promised her princess to take her to the loam of dirt and water (Earth) for their honey moon (It seems they have heard our Sinuata). They are coupled half a century ago according to the solar time but only 5 days ago according to their own time. Solaro could be compared to transparent light as he was milky in colour and transparent from within and without. He has no clothes on his body but there were not visible his male organs or his hips. He was just like a sacred thing which we the earth people say composed of holy light. His eyes, nose, hair, hands and all the organs of his body were charming and he has small, very small and delicate wings attached to his arms which were also of the colour of milky light. He seems like purified water closed in a shiny glass bottle. Yogi: And his natal parts and darts are not visible too. Amil Baba: Yes of course they were not visible but do not underestimate they were not built; they were covered with light too. And Lunara his princess is hundred times beauteous than he is. She was made of pinkish yellow light. Same transparency was there as of Solaro. But she was colourful. Her lips were pink and hand palms were magenta in colour. Her delicate parts of body look more delicate as they were surrounded by a layer of light. She was so attractive, charming, enthralling and enchanting that a common man on earth could not bear her sight. It was assured that whoever sees her falls unconscious not due to fear but due to her attractiveness. When she chats, broach and discuss any matter, she looked nicer and prettier and seem as she were striking a note of flute and ...... at the same time. How sweet their song would be when her simple talks were so enticing. Gorgeous and marvellous are perhaps the weakest words to express her grace.

flying saucer


No lingua franca would be able to describe their grace and exquisiteness. It was their promise which had compelled them to come here. One day Solaro was watching towards the earth and Lunara came to see him. She also started looking towards the Earth. She had heard and read that there were creatures walking like them. She saw waters, plants and small patches of dirt and stones. She eagerly asked Solaro to take her to that place. Solaro promised it but after their completion. They called marriage the completion. Soon after their completion they were here to know the two legged bodies walking like them. Lunara had read in a book about the possibility of some two pronged creature who were residing on the planet made of soil, dirt and water. The aim of their visit to the conglomerate of dirt and water is to spread the holy light after selecting a few persons. They want to experience their enlightenment on this earth and it is outcome of their mutual love and curiosity. They have landed here on this ball of dirt and water also to understand what the love is called on earth. How the inhabitants express love and respect for others? Is there another living species in the universe which can love more than they love? They are metamorphic in nature as they could change their shape just by looking at the person they want. It was just like scanning a person to adopt his or her shape. Not only outer features are adopted but also all the inner instincts, feelings and motifs are absorbed by them. They start thinking and feeling like the object they choose. They can travel with the speed of light and are able to reach anywhere on the earth within no time. Anything of this ball of dirt cannot harm them. They can run on seas and easily walk in the air. They need not any earthly thing to survive. This earth was like a ball, really like a football for them. They could kick it any time and it would be razed to the pieces as far as their powers are concerned. The President was not pusillanimous who could be frightened easily. He was bold enough to take the bull by the horns. Ebru remarked. Your sagacity is exemplary in this connection, the politician said. But it is not the case with this matter Ebru, The President interrupted. I am worried about and always worried about this set up of ours. The creatures of this kind can invoke mankind and turn their minds to their own side? We have to think seriously about it.


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