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Updated on July 7, 2012

Awoken Again.

It's three in the morning,

I was startled awake,

I had a glimpse of death,

I awoke in cold sweats,


heart pounding,

soul shattering,

nerve breaking,

earth quaking.

The snake's,

the fangs,

the hissing,

the sound of demons screaming,

the odor of napalm and burnt flesh,

the sound of gunfire,

the stench of the sand trench and decaying death,

I'm home in bed and can't rest,

it feels like my heart is gonna explode inside my chest,

leave an internal mess,

a war wound that cant be field dressed,

the thought in my head is confess!!!!!!, confess!!!!!!, confess!!!!!!,

I believe I failed the test.......the test of life,

how do I stare my kids in the eye's when Satan's knocking on my door?

kiss my wife?

I walk through the day feeling cold,

I've lived 32 years but feel 400 years old,

a ticking time bomb of guilt,

like I'm on a never ending tilt,

ready to explode!!!!!

the blood spilled stained the valley of peace inside my mind,

crying, crying, crying.......all the confirmed lying!!!!!.

Lord will these dreams ever cease,

apparitions of the deceased haunt my sleep,

orders, orders, all the orders that paved my road to hell,

I was taught to lock, load, and kill!!!!!!

on demand,



I ask you please just let me sleep?


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    • Matthew Weese profile image

      Matthew Weese 5 years ago from Auburn

      I disagree, the poor get sent off to fight wars the rich start, the rich get richer, the poor guy dies.