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Hurt and Despair!!!

Updated on August 27, 2016

Lost in Time!!!

So many years have gone by,
I still hold onto those thoughts tight,
Never wanted to be here all alone
Pushed you out and Hurt you through

Just when I thought we had come so far,
And then you were gone leaving me apart,
Wish I could go back and make it right
Because now I'm just lost in time!!!

Finding the ways to break free,
The winds come down crushing me
The Smiles are now lost in deep,
I wait for you to come back and help me breathe

Standing by your side the world just seemed right,
And the hurdles were just too weak to fight
I wasted too much to keep myself in this fray,
And your tears were all I wanted to make go away

I’ve learnt from the mistakes that made you feel betrayed,
And I just want to go back the same way
But now I know it’s too late to turn back,
I’ve got to live this life and realize the fact

Hope you're smiling somewhere in the bright light,
The chapter is over and no more can I take this fight
I always wanted to make it right,
But now I'm just lost in time!!!


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