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Original Sonnets

Updated on October 7, 2014

Sonnets by MyFairLadyah

As a poet, I love the sonnet form for creating my original poetry, so I have written many sonnets and will continue to do so. I love the meter and the cadence of the sonnet and many of my sonnets tell a story.

My original sonnets cover the subjects of love, life, and particular local or world events that move me. I've also written sonnets about the people that face tough challenges & generally make this world a better place to be, such as wild-land firefighters, soldiers and nurses.

Below are links to most of my sonnets. Please read them, enjoy them and be moved by them as I have been in their writing.

All Poems and Sonnets are copyrighted by MyFairLadyah.- Reprint with Permission

Links to My Original Sonnets

To read my original sonnets, click "MyFairLadyah2" in the upper right hand corner to go to my Hubber profile and then look for my hubs that have the word "Sonnet" in them.

Books on Sonnets

The Art of the Sonnet

This book offers 100 sonnets that exemplify the poetic form of the sonnet. A great resource for the budding poet.

The Sonnet - 500 Years of Tradition

This anthology has more than 600 sonnets that show how the poetic form has evolved over 500 years.

Here's a Book to Help You Write Poems and Sonnets

Here is a concise guide on how to write a good poem. Use a starting point for your own inspired writing

More Sonnets at

You will fine more of my original sonnets and poems at

I Hope That You Are Able to Read and Enjoy My Sonnets

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