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SoulPancake: Chew on Life's Big Questions with Rainn Wilson

Updated on November 7, 2013

I know I can be a bit whacky, it's true. If I see something I like I tell someone, if I hear something I like, I'll write to the artist, radio station or whomever. And the first time I picked up SoulPancake, I did sort of the same thing, when I found out they had a website, I offered to write content for them. That was two years ago (look for me there and come and say hi!).

I am suspecting that once you dive into this book you will feel the same way. (And it would actually be great if you came on over and joined in the conversation over at the website!

Have you ever wanted to ask some deep questions like: Why are we here? Is there a God? or What is love? If so then this is the book for you.

Together with a few close friends The Office's Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) came up with a big book of questions for all of us to ponder. Some deep and meaningful and other lesser ones to chew on as well. This book will open the doors of your mind and let the spring sunshine in, it will get you thinking and maybe most importantly, it will get you doing! If you don't believe me, check out what Kid President has to say below.

This book is an ideal read for everyone on your list. I bought it for my husband when it came out, and read it before I even wrapped it. It's a quick and simple read, with loads of cool art, super short chapter sections, and it's just loads of fun. A great family gift to spur on some enlightened dinner table conversation - like - actually at the table, TV off. Come on and play with us instead!

These are some of my favourite SP videos! Join then on their YouTube site for more inspiration!

Has a book ever spurred you into action?

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