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Ode to Home: A Dedication to South Africa from a Refugee in the First World.

Updated on July 12, 2010

Ode to Home

Walking on your ground I can feel the love

The love of something that I hadn't known of

Living on your land I belong to Earth

This land is a gift, it's the land of my birth

It's the root of all men

It's the meeting of the tides

It's the soul and the drums

It's the clashing of the tribes

And this love affair leaves me pining in its wake

For the rawness of the drums 'til the earth starts to shake

For the people of the colours of the rainbow

For the tales and the songs of sorrow

I want to carry your sorrow as part of my soul

I want to feel like your people, amongst whom I'm whole

And breathe in your fiery night air

Feel the heat of your passions, safely nestled in your perils

Walking on your ground I am grounded and calm

To your tribes I'll belong, to my wounds you're a balm

Stabilise my soul with your struggles

Strengthen my resolve with your history

I'd be a slave in a new home

In the first world;  alone

A corporate drone

Apathetic and cloned

I'd be sewn up and meek

Where there's but one tongue to speak

It's your honesty I seek

O the land where I belong to Earth


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    • mquee profile image

      mquee 7 years ago from Columbia, SC

      Excellent work with a very nice flow. You are a poet. I had to write this comment before reading more. I am trying my hand at poetry, but I am one who needs much more practice at it. Thank you for sharing.

      Welcome to Hubpages!!