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sowing and reaping,lessons from two greatmen

Updated on October 12, 2012

sowing and reaping,lessons from two great men

Where people are confused is the time of reaping because all the seeds we sow in the form of actions and in-actions are not reaped at the same time. There are annual seeds ,biennial seeds and perennial seeds and all bear fruits according to their timing. Some call it nemesis,others call it karma but we shall eventually reap the seeds we sow.


Time of sowing
Time of sowing

sowing and reaping,lessons from two great men

The seeds we sow are not harvested at the same time .There are annual crops which grow and are harvested within one year, not forgetting the biennial and perennial crops which takes two years and more than two years respectively .Similarly ,all our actions and in-actions are seeds which must be harvested in due time .Good seeds bears good fruits and the opposite is true for bad seeds .

David in the bible was living when he reaped the seeds he sowed .In his presence his daughters were sleeping with their step brothers as if men has finished in the whole land .This situation pushed some of them to fell on the tip of the sword exactly the way it happened to Uriah who was killed because of his pretty wife. Even a man after God's heart was not exempted.

This is the bible and it happened many-years back ,hear what another great man has to say about sowing and reaping .I am wealthy ,you can ask my neighbors.It would be difficult to count ten wealthy men in my community without including me ,even if the counting was done by a sworn enemy.I committed a lot of atrociousness both in and outside my community and all this awards on my walls are rewards for my iniquitous acts.

One of the worst things i did was deceiving and confusing my neighbor's daughter to become my second wife .That she was a friend to my only daughter only added to the fun .The bitter fight i had with her father contributed to his early demise .For forty and odd years ,i did a lot of things am not proud of, just to advance my cause and i believe the tide has turned.

Few years ago ,my first wife and only daughter died in a fatal plane crash which am yet to recover from .As if this was not enough ,my first son and his young step mother are the latest love pair in town .This scandal has destroyed the reputation i had built over the years and this has increased my blood pressure .I have other two sons but the last time i saw them was a decade and half ago when i saw them off to the airport .The only succor i have is that someone assured me they are still alive .I wonder what would happen when am no more.

I have given this situation a careful appraisal and have realized that i could be reaping the fruits of the seeds i sowed over the years . Money and education is very good but i believe the best legacy a parent could leave for their offspring is sowing a good seed . It might tarry but i believe we might surely reap what we sow. Some call it karma ,others say it is nemesis but i know very well that it is simply the law of sowing and reaping .This is why parents and anyone who would like to leave an offspring should read the laws of karma in order to sow a good seed.

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