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standing Up

Updated on September 29, 2016

Standing Up

No matter who is against you, you control your life

Some things you will never understand

None of the pain, sorrow, or strive

God is just conditioning you for something greater then you will ever know

Just remember to keep yourself humble, not everyone wants to be the star of the show

I just want to be on the narrow road, the one that is so difficult so find

So one day when I reach the gates of Heaven the Lord with open arms will tell me "Dear daughter you are finally mine"

I want so bad to love and be loved but this earth is doomed for the end

If I cannot find a true love, how can I find a true friend

I don't want a lot of attention, be anyone's competition, cause drama or let Satan in

But now I understand that's just the generation that we are in

Some think it's beautiful to live with the promises of the American Dream

But in reality its in your mind and your heart that makes you as free as it seems

Some can only look back on memories to smile for a split second of their day

Each moment passes second by second and they eventually fade away

Earth is a mixture of paradox, pleasure, and greed

If you cannot extend your heart or help to another take a look in the mirror and take heed

You are only as beautiful and deep as the Lord allows you to be

Confidence is half of that, the other half your soul plus a little help from the family tree

I would never trade lives with anyone else, God made me this way and this is all me

I will take every ounce of suffering for him, because he did it for me


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    • johnny claws profile image

      Jason W Lynch 15 months ago from Stafford Co. Kansas


      Even if I cannot do this, there lives in me someone who can and will do it. A part of the Father - Absolute of the Universe of Universes. And that is the victory that overcomes the world, even your faith!!

      God Bless

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 19 months ago from United States

      This was a wonderful message of hope and a tribute to your creator my friend. whonu