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Greek Mythology

Updated on January 5, 2022

20 Myth Creature In Greek Mythology


Greek Mythology known by having many Gods and other creatures. Here are some myth creatures according to the Greek Mythology.

1. Centaur

Centaur is a myth creature with the form of human on some parts of their entire body namely head, hands, upper body and on the lower part is in form of horse . The most familiar Centaur in the Greek Mythology is Chiron. Chiron has different attitude with other Centaurus. The other Centaurus have nervy and drunkard attitude but Chiron is so intelligent and has amazing healing ability.

2. Cerberus

Cerberus is three headed dog, Cerberus has a duty to guard Underworld gate to prevent everyone who has been passed Styx River to go back to the world.

3. Chimera

Chimera is a monster that blowing fire. It is from Lycia which is located on Minor Asia. Its body part consist of three different animals namely lion, snake, and goat.

4. Cyclop

One of the Giants creature on the Earth is Cyclop. It has an eye at the middle of its face.

5. Echidna

Echidna has a half of human body and snake on the lower part of her body. She’s considered as “A Mother Of Every Monster” in the Greek Mythology because most of the monsters are her offspring.

6. Gorgon

The most familiar Gorgon in the Greek Mythology is Medusa, the only one who death among three sisters that have snake hairs. Every creature that see directly into her eyes will transform into a stone. She killed by Perseus.

7. Griffin

Griffin is a myth creature that has body, tail, and hind legs in the form of a lion. While the front legs and its wings are in the form of eagle. Lion is a king of every animals and eagle is a king of every birds. That’s why Griffin is considered as a strong and glorious creature.

8. Harpy

Harpy is an evil spirit that has wings. Zeus orders Harpy to punish a King called Phineus by trapping him in an island with a group of Harpy who always steal the King’s food.

9. Hydra

Hydra is a creature living in the water that looks like a dragon with a lot of heads. If one head get cut, two heads will appear. Hydra also has poisonous breath and deadly blood, even the drop of it.

10. Ichtyocentaurs

Ichtyocentaurs is a couple creature that look like a centaur. They have control over the ocean. Their upper body are in human form while their lower body are in the form of horse and their tail are like fish tail. They are a symbol of Pisces zodiac.

11. Lamia

Lamia is a beautiful Queen from Libya that cursed to be kids eater monster. In the Greek Mythology Lamia was one of Zeus’s beloved woman, it made Zeus’s wife,Hera got jealous and killed all of Lamia’s children except Scylla. She also cursed her to be a monster who hunt and eat human’s childrens.

12. Minotaur

Minotaur is a creature with bull head and human body. He live in the center of Creta Labyrinth, that is a big and crucial labyrinth. This labyrinth is made by architect called Daedalus and his son Icarus. Finally Minotaur can be defeated be a Hero from Athena named Theseus.

13. Nemean Lion

Nemean Lion is a deadly monster in the Greek Mythology that lives in Nemea. This Lion can’t be killed by human’s weapon because of its gold furs can shield every attacks. Its claws are sharper than every swords and they can cut every kinds of armor. Finally, this creature killed by Heracles (Hercules)

14. Orthrus

Orthrus is two headed dog that has a duty to guard a big group of red cows. Orthrus killed by Heracles (Hercules), then Heracles takes all the cows as the evidence of his winning.

15. Pegasus

One of the most familiar creatures in the Greek Mythology is Pegasus. Pegasus is a white horse that has wings. Pegasus is the son of Poseidon and Medusa. According to the myth, if Pegasus step his feet on the ground, the water spring will appear.

16. Phyton

Phyton is described in the form of dragon. Phyton has control over the whole of Delphic Oracle. It is an enemy of Olymphian God, Apollo who finally kills Phyton.

17. Satyr

Satyrs are creatures with the form of goat on their legs and horns. They are often painted playing a flute and hand a glass of red wine. It’s described that they have no probem on living this life. They play music and drunk everytime they want.

18. Siren

Sirens are beautiful but deadly creatures. They are described as creatures that have beautiful faces and sweet voices to attract sailors, so their ships drowned in the rocky island where the Sirens live.

19. Sphinx

Sphinx is a creature with the lion’s body, bird’s wings, and woman’s face. She’s really tricky. Everyone who can’t answer the riddle she gives will be misserable and killed by deadly monsters.

20. Typhon

Often called as “The Father Of All Monster” , Typhon is believed as the most deadly monster in the Greek Mythology. His upper body is so tall that can reach stars, his hands extend from eastside to westside. His head is not human head but hundreds of dragon’s heads.


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