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Starting on a journey

Updated on February 4, 2013

Starting on a journey,

And I feel fine,

Starting on a journey,

And I feel you miss me,

Starting on a journey,

It has never been such an easy route before,

And I wish you were here,

And I wish you gone,

I'm so sick of that condradiction,

You're so good with diction,

I want to cover you with malt liquor,

But I found running from you was much quicker,

Diamond eyes, liquid warmth,

You always make me smile,

You're such a good sport,

You're not pretentious like those other boys,

Though it's obvious you do enjoy your gadgetry toys,

And it felt like nails on a blackboard,

The pain, the pain,

Watching you interact in unflattering ways,

You're the devilish one but I believed you were an angel,

Now I'm paying the price for your derangement,

Strange me now, untangle me,

Take me and leave me,

Waste me, conceive me,

This isn't concrete, even if I want it to be

It's fluid and fluid is unpredictable,

Indefinable, unmatchable,

I want to make you bleed with me,

Because I'm sick,

Even though I admire that you do well, so well,

I'm not there yet and it shames me,

I've got to be a better parasite,

I've got to make a better plan,

And then you'll save me


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