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Cool Steampunk Photos

Updated on October 9, 2015


Steampunk is a fascinating and unique sub-culture that has sprung up as a sub-genre of speculative and science fiction, and traces of its influences go back to stories written by authors like H.G. Wells, and others.

For the uninitiated, think of the movie "The Wild, Wild West, starring Will Smith, and you get a general idea of what the Steampunk fashion focus is.

To make it simple and easy to understand, Steampunk is basically denoted by being set in a period of time when steam power was used around the world.

While the name was adopted sometime in the 1980s, the stories and culture behind it, as mentioned, go back to the 1800s.

For that reason you see many people involved in the culture and cosplay dressing in period costumes, accompanied by an endless array of imagined and workable gadgets, as well as some modern touches as well.

We'll look in this article at some general photos of fans of the culture, and some of the fashion and gadgets associated with it.

Steampunk Abraham Lincoln

Here's another version of guys enjoying Steampunk gadgets. The Ghostbuster theme is great, and includes a lot of creative work.

Steampunk Ghostbusters

This was a pretty interesting Steampunk contraption, made in the image of a butterfly. I guess you could call it Steampunk sculpture, for lack of a better description.

Steampunk Butterfly

Female fans of Steampunk don't get left behind in the cosplay category, as they are right up their with the guys with fashion statements. That eyepiece is very typical of Steampunk accessories, as are goggles of various sorts.

Steampunk Fashion

Another popular aspect of Steampunk fashion is the headgear with flaps. Sometimes it is aviation flaps, but other times it is a variety of hats including the flaps on them. The clothing choice below works very well with the overall theme.

Steampunk Woman

This is a really cool Steampunk Stormtrooper piece. It is conducive to the expanding Steampunk culture, which has become somewhat of a lifestyle; similar to Goth in the sense of being a subculture of its own, and just as hard at times to define, as each person can express it in a different way, as in this sculpture.

Steampunk Stormtrooper

Being a fan of Steampunk and Alien, this combination below is awesome to me.

Steampunk Predator, Alien Piece

Steampunk Eye Mask

Including a Steampunk eye mask as part of a costume is a terrific way to express yourself. This one below is very captivating, and shows how the eye can complement any costume.

Steampunk Haunted House in New York City

Steampunk Costume and Art Ideas

As you can see from this wide variety of Steampunk looks, there is no lack of creativity in the genre.

The accessories are what make Steampunk what it is, and is one of the few costumes where it's the parts that make what the whole is, rather than working from an overall base look and building out from there.


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    • ThePelton profile image


      6 years ago from Martinsburg, WV USA

      I love it. I want to show this page to my brother.

    • PDXBuys profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      Love this stuff!

      "William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's 1990 novel The Difference Engine is often credited with bringing widespread awareness of steampunk to a wider readership."

      (From Wikipedia)


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