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Three Reasons Why Stephen King Is More Than Just a Horror Author

Updated on November 1, 2016

More power to an author for commanding a specific genre or sub-genre, we say. That's obvious for one Stephen King who's written dozens of horror books to date, but did you know that he has dabbled in other genres, some you may be quite surprised to hear about? It's true. There are three genres you never knew King did, and largely because he did it under a different name. Be prepared to be WOWed.

Stephen King Has, in Fact, Written a Children's Book

This is actually quite the recent affair. It was reported right here at "Scary Horror Stuff" about his released children's book "Charlie the Choo-Choo," which honestly doesn't sound anything like King at all. In fact, the children's book really doesn't have any sort of horror, or even a comedic type of horror to it whatsoever except for the freakiest-looking train since Thomas pulled into the station. You can sort of tell it was King who wrote this....

Stephen King Has EVEN Written a POP-UP BOOK!

Name any author, horror or any sub-genre other than childrens, publishing a POP-UP book, and you win a prize. You won't find it. Somehow, some way, Stephen King managed to make that work for his beloved novel "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon," publishing a pop-up version for the younger crowd back in 2004. The artwork was a bit disturbing, but not something kids weren't already used to, what with the likes of Bunnicula and Goosebumps. Kids were already used to the jump scares, and this pop-up book didn't disappoint. You just didn't get the brunt of Stephen King's realism in it. It was refined -- for the younger crowd. And that's pure genius.

And Then There's His Alter Ego, Mr. Richard Bachman

We're baffled by this except for the fact that King, while he's a master of horror, he can't simply write anything else under his name, even if there are elements to the other genres. Okay, children's books, that's one thing: but thrillers? Surely King could write thrillers in his name.... Apparently not.

Richard Bachman basically was his pen name for a string of books of the sci-fi/criminal thriller adage. Cozy thrillers. The kind that don't make your skin crawl, but make you bite your nails. What's interesting about these books....

  • Blaze
  • The Long Walk
  • Rage
  • The Regulators
  • Roadwork
  • Thinner
  • The Running Man

Is that King's not exactly hidden in any of these works, being rather open about the fact that he is, in fact, Richard Bachman. Generally speaking, it's unheard of for an author to be forthright about the truth of a pen name. Because, you see, the purpose of the pen name is to make it so a reader doesn't know who you actually are. And the fact is -- even in his one Bachman 'novel', THE BACHMAN BOOKS, King actually explains "why" he was Bachman in the introduction.

To put it in even more perspective, no one would've guessed that King was, in fact, the mind behind the book that continued the action success of one Arnold Schwarzenegger. Remember that film "The Running Man"? That was Bachman. Who was also Stephen King. You've got a guy with muscles, tons of action, a futuristic setting, lots of blood and battles. And that was set up by the same guy who wrote Pet Sematary. Let that sink in for a moment.

For the most part, it's unprecedented and a bit ethereal. One of his books states as being written by Bachman, in fact, but with the foreword written by Stephen King(?). Interesting.... It's like King's playing himself off as a marketing tool. Weird. But also ingenious.

Plain, Simple Reasons Why Stephen King's a Master of the Written Word

He's a chameleon. Even an essayist. We're telling you, it's hard to come by for any fiction author to put forth any effort on being an essayist, and of course we're speaking of his publication On Writing, which delves into his own processes and goes into creative writing from a thought and instruction perspective. The man can do it all. Writing about writing. Writing horror. Writing childrens books. Writing pop-up books. Or just writing as someone else. If there's anyone any writing hopeful would ever try to emulate as an author, it's King.


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