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Why the sky looks blue?

Updated on January 6, 2015

Sky looks blue

The sky looks blue. Is there any reason? Is it exactly true that sky have a own colour that is blue? Exact things that is happened to the people that peoples are able to see the colours of sky as blue. That happens for the dispersion of light by the particles in sky. The sky is bounded with micro particles, just like dust, vapour, etc. Every particles in sky have a property that it disperse the light energy. Sunlight have different wave lengths light. These are red, blue, violet, indigo, etc. Dispersion of blue colour is highest than any other colour. What colour will seen by the spectator easily depends on the dispersion. Hence, the spectators when look at sky he feels that the sky is blue. Though there have different colour, but he feels blue only for the high dispersion of blue colour of sunlight.


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