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Updated on February 5, 2011

This anchor tightly fastened around my heart is very heavy!

It weighs me down, with no outlook of a reprieve.

In desperate need of an inhaled breath,

I struggle my way to the top.

Discouragement fills me at the sight of the icecaps that formed at your surface.

As the bubbles escape my lips and float aloft,

I watch as they clash against the underbelly of those icecaps.

The liquefied heaviness of irritability presses against me.

Restricts me.

Confines me.

Panic is deep within my very core.

I need air.

Feeling each link of that chained anchor burst free!

I dodge, and maneuver through these daunting ice mountains!

And to my relief…they begin to melt.

But ease is soon washed away,

as the eye of the storm begins to head my way.

I am at a loss as I struggle, fight and battle with each tidal wave.

Over and over they begin to hit me with no regard.

I’m tired and frustrated…

I gasp! Hell bent on surviving this fight!

I smack at the surface, and fight to stay afloat.

I splash and kick as desperation sets in!

And even though I try as I might…

Sense consumes me as I realize what I am amidst

I slowly give into this unholy, watery, grave of an abyss!


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