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Children's Book Review-The Very Stubborn Centipede

Updated on January 21, 2012

A Stubborn Centipede and Lots of Fun

A year ago for Christmas, my youngest daughter was given a copy of this book, The Very Stubborn Centipede, by Susan Snyder and illustrated by Anna Johanson, along with two other books by the same author and illustrator. We have enjoyed this books so much that I wanted to share it with you.


A very determined (stubborn) centipede makes his way into a lady's home and latches onto her foot. No matter what she does, yelling, screaming, dancing around her kitchen, the centipede will not let go. He wiggles and squiggles, moving from one toe to another, and seems to be enjoying his mischief. After a bit, he tires out and slides across this kitchen floor in an attempt to escape a broom. He manages to escape the broom, but meets his match when the family cat appears.

The book is written in fun, lyrical rhymes with large, engaging pictures. The expressions on the faces of the characters are hysterical, and the descriptions used to describe the action are fun, entertaining, and make the reader feel as if they understand completely the emotions of the main character (the HUMAN main character).

About the Author

According to the back of the book, Ms. Snyder is a Licensed Occupational Therapy assistant who was at the time of the book publishing working in the public school system in Ocala, Florida, helping children with remedial reading. She was married with two grown sons and two grandsons. She indicated that her stories came from real incidents that happened to her at home or at school. In her opinion, funny stories can occur in almost any incident if you just look for it.

My daughter was given this book and the two others written by Ms. Snyder by her great aunt, who had been under the care of Ms. Snyder while in a rehabilitation facility in Gainesville, Florida. She enjoyed getting to know Ms. Snyder and was excited to share these books with my daughter. In turn, we have enjoyed Ms. Snyder's sense of humor and obvious enjoyment of sharing her love of reading and writing with children everywhere.

About the Illustrator

What extremely impressed me was the fact that the person who illustrated the book, Anna Johanson, was only 13 at the time this book was published. She was born and raised in Florida, and enjoyed learning to draw the wildlife around her. At the time, she had won several First Place and Best of Show awards for her art.

I would highly recommend this book and other books written by Ms. Snyder for children of all ages. Babies and toddlers will love the sing song verse and older children will love the antics of the characters. Early readers will find themselves so engaged in the stories that sounding out the words becomes fun.

Why Aubrey Liked the Book

Aubrey, age 5, stated that she liked the part of the book where the cat held up the centipede, crossed his hands, and became the hero of the story. She said she liked it because of the look on the cat's face. :)

This reviewer was not paid to write this review and did not receive a free copy of the book. The comments in this review are the opinion of the reviewer.


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    • jynelleybelly profile image

      jynelleybelly 6 years ago

      voted up and interesting! I love the cool background info on the writer and illustrator. I may have to check this book out and show it to my second graders! Thanks!