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Poem Analysis Sample- Famous Poem Analysis

Updated on January 20, 2013

Summaries and Analysis of Classical Poems

Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, Donne, Frost, Browning, Milton and the list shall continue, they have been the greatest gift. Accompanied by other poets, they made the stretches of english poetry by far the most appealing and satisfying reflection for any human mind. Poetry is The voice of heart,is often heard, and we do often exchange our poetic abilities however scanty, it may seem, in bed with our fiancé, in college with girlfriend, at rest with grandpa. This has been more a kind of tradition and a beauty that one may love to,an enrichment for heart and soul. List below are the links to some of my favorites poem summaries.

On His Blindness Analysis by John Milton

The following link to the article provides a complete link to the poem 'On His Blindness' written by John Milton. Apart from providing a summary of the poem 'On His Blindness' by John Milton, it also gives a detailed explanation of the theme and the background arena in which the poem is written. On his blindness is a personal sonnet written as a result of Milton's grief on losing his eye-sight at an early age. His lament further extends as to know his inability to serve God through his poetic verse on being blind. However, the two great all time masterpiece written during Milton's blind period ('Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained) does show that his immense faith in God has helped him serve more better.

Get to know the insights and details of the poem On His Blindness featuring date of composition, keytones, substance, critical analysis of the poem. On His Blindness is considered as the greatest sonnet of all time and really the fact is true and credit goes to Milton for his contribution to some magical verses of writing.

Summary and Analysis of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

This link provides a summary of the poem 'The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It is a universal poem which presents the though which aslo eclipsed in the mind of the poet. The poet was perplexed when he was in the midst of making a decision, or rather making a choice. it easy to distinguish betwween the good and the bad. However, if you have to make a choice between two good things, this is where ew miserably fail as humans. It is one of the most perplex situation that human ofter encounter with. Thus one is left with a situation where one has to leave one and embrace the other. Sometimes you do need to take the road which you are unwilling to.

The twenty lines of verse does magnify and bring forth an extreme elemental truth of life. The poet while travelling through the woods does come to a junction where two roads divide. Thus, the poet has to take any single road to move forward, however, he wished to explore both areas of the forest. Thus the poet is sad, as he could not cover one part of the woods in his journey. The does lie a deep methaphorical aspect in the poet which needs to be extensively highlighted to bring forth some true implications to the overall theme of the poem.

Music For The Soul: Eternal Gifts for Soul Music Lovers

Deva Premal sings divine chants and mantras which create a field of extreme positive energy. The songs are serene and highly transcendental. They does make you feel stretched in the land of divinity and ecstasy.

She Walks in Beauty Analysis by Lord Byron

This link provides a summary to She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron. Byron has been one of the extra-ordinary poets who left an eternal impact in the history of english poems through his unprecendented analysis and love of poetry. She Walks in Beauty is a beautiful Analysis by Lord Byron. The poem is basically an ode to a lady whom the poet saw in an evening party and was rather mesmerized by her enchanting beauty and elegance of form. It is believed by many critics that the lady whom the poet was referring in the poem is Byron's cousin in marriage. This is one of the most beautifully written poem and needs and extensive appreciation and read!

The poet has perfected in elaborating and identifying the beauty of the lady whom he is talking about in the poem. Getting deeper into the implications of these lines really bring forth a feeling of romanticism which might have engulfed the poet's mind as he wrote about the poem.

One shade the more, one ray the less,

Had half impaired the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven tress,

Or softly lightens o'er her face;

The poet debilerately shed light on the perfection of beauty of the lady in these lines. he further takes into account the minute detail of his muse's face. Her softly brushed hair falling on her face does provide an alluring look as leaves of raven trees. A beautiful mind accompanied with a tranquil face does create a mystic beauty which the poet flicker a thought.

More Poem Summaries

if you love to read poem summaries, whatever it may be the reason. However, I have found that mostly people need them for their exams and tuition work. However the link below will take you to my website where you can have an access to myriad of poem summaries. I am also looking forward to post more summaries of popular poems, basically the ones which are not freely available on the world wide web.

All my poems summaries were in the first page of google, however, I had to withdraw these summaries from the site where I first published them and now they are on by site which is just 4 days old, as on the date I am writing this lens, so a humble request to all of my avid readers to help the 'poem summaries' have a recognition which it once had when published in a different site.

I look forward to your comments and feedback in this matter.

Popular Books and Notes Related to Poems

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