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Summer Blossoms

Updated on July 22, 2010

Blossoms are a summer friend

    that welcome all to see

That real flowers of the bloom

    are only there perchance

If the passing wind and air

    spews its passions forth

And paints a corner red with fire

    till the thing is floating high

All the flowers are the flower

    of the garden tree and beauty

And like the passions of the king

   that are pleasing to the eye

Yet the queen does come not around

    to set them all to duty

So that the scent is there

   and yearns to be loose as gravel

But what of men who walk the line

    seeking for a mate

The flower beckons all around

    and calls the planter wild

While the summer wind sings

    its song of wonder

Will the wonder cease to be

    while the season yet  lingers

Or will the man return

    from were he came

As the summer blossoms

     stay far from the day

And escapes the thunder

   of the passing passions

And the morning comes

  once more into the daylight

As the blossom shines its ardors

   into the sunshine of the moment

Still, and still the more resounding

   into the day of tomorrow.


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