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Summer Reading List 2014

Updated on March 29, 2015

Summer and Reading

Summer is a time for relaxing. It is a good time to travel, go to the beach, and hang out with friends and family. But doing these activities will not take up the entire summer. So, you need to find other activities that will fill up the time in between. I personally choose to read books.

Books take you to different places and wonders that only the mind can capture. Every story allows you to look into the lives of other people. You learn to love and hate the characters and situations. And you find peace and pleasure after every read.

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My Recommended Summer Reading List

I have read many books. But quite a few stood out. As observed, the books that I have learned to love has one or more of these characteristics:

(1) The plot or story line is unique and unpredictable.

(2) The characters are interesting. Some you can easily relate to. Others possess a specific personality that is intriguing.

(3) The setting is different from other books with the same theme.

(4) The scenes and lines are unforgettable.

(5) The story gives you lessons that you can use on a daily basis.

I came up with a list of books that you will enjoy reading this summer. Below you will find books from different genres. Have your pick!

Romance Books

These are books of love and passion. You can expect the typical plot. Boy meets girl and falls in love. Together they face hurdles along the way that will test their affection. And in the end, they achieve their happiness. Despite the usual, it is still good to read this type of book because the character interaction and scenes never fail to surprise readers.

Maybe Someday
Maybe Someday

Sydney is living an ideal life. But everything falls apart when she discovers that her boyfriend and bestfriend has been cheating on her.

She finds solace in the arms of Ridge, her mysterious neighbor. Ridge has captivated her with his guitar playing and music even before they met. When their anticipated meeting occurs, they find themselves drawn to each other in all aspects. Will Ridge's secret get in the way of their attraction? Will they give in to their feelings and allow other people to be hurt?

Real (The REAL series Book 1)
Real (The REAL series Book 1)

Brooke is a former professional sprinter. She had to give up her dreams after suffering a knee injury. Now, she is a sports therapist who spends her time helping kids jump back to their healthy shape.

Remington is an underground fighter. He is considered the ultimate fighter and the most sought after with his bad boy persona, good looks, and sensuality which drive female fans in frenzy. He plays his game well and he knows that the crowd loves him. Unbeknownst, he battles with bipolar disorder and his personal demons on a daily basis.

From the moment they set their eyes on each other, sparks fly and an undeniable attraction presses forwards. Will they resist? Will they give in?

Resisting the Boss (Mid Life Love Series Book 1)
Resisting the Boss (Mid Life Love Series Book 1)

Claire is a 40-year old divorcee and mother of teenage twins. After her husband's infidelity, she looses her direction in life and become insecure. She is given a second shot at love though but at a much younger man - her boss Jonathan Statham. He is a self-made billionaire dealing with past issues. At first sight, he is entranced by her beauty. When he sees her again, he walks out of his way to get to know her and invite her out only to be rejected because of their age difference. But he won't stop until he gets her to say "yes".


Young Adult Books

These are books fit for young audiences including the young at heart. I have featured two book series that I have enjoyed reading. The Heroes of Olympus is a fantasy series that features the various Greek and Roman gods. You will learn about the duties of each god, their personality, and their humane side. Divergent series on the other hand, tackles a society struggle as shown in the people's resistance towards the current leadership. Although the message is deep, the author depicted the problem in the eyes of the younger generation.

Summer is a great time to read the beginning of a series. I have discovered this book a couple of weeks ago. It is interesting and refreshing. It is not categorize as a young adult but in my opinion it fits the genre perfectly.

The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)
The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1)

Savannah, Georgia is a place with great history. It appears serene with its historical buildings and places. But beneath the facade lies a power so strong that only a few inhabitants are aware of. Witches roam the very heart of Savannah. They are seen on tabloids, hold high positions in the government, and manage businesses. The Taylor family is the most powerful clan in the area. One of its members is an anchor*. And all the other members possess magic except Mercy. Mercy was born without magic unlike her twin sister Maisie. The twins have been compared all their life with Mercy always at the losing end. She accepted her fate though and just brushed off the hurt and pain caused by people surrounding her. But everything changes days before her 21st birthday.

*It is a witch responsible for holding the barrier protecting the entirety from unwanted forces. Anchors are chosen by the power, thus, only the most powerful are capable to handle such task.

Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant
Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant

Divergent is a 3-part book series. It is set in Dystopian Chicago where people are separated in 5 factions that serve its purpose. It is an organized system that has helped in the prosperous living of the city. However, dirty secrets lie in every wall. The stability of the city begins to crumble when Beatrice Prior shows up for the Choosing Ceremony.


Adult Fiction Books

These are books catered for the adult audience. This type of book depicts an imaginary and theoretical story. This means that all information and events are unreal and solely out of the imagination of the author.

The Husband's Secret
The Husband's Secret

This is a compelling book of secrets, guilt, punishment, justice, and redemption. It is also a story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness.

It all begins when Cecilia opens and reads her husband's letter.


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