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Updated on July 19, 2017


I lie back and stare at the invisible ceiling hole in my car
Like a door that leads to the sky, the heavens don't feel far
I feel like I could put my mind in a jar
And throw it out this ceiling window in my car
And one day it would be stuck ajar
Between the gate of heaven and a cloud and be found by a guard
They would bring it to my loved one in heaven
And into my thoughts they would delve in
See how I missed and yearned for them so
See how I cried so much I needed a boat
To float me across a sea of the saltiest tears
And only they will be the ones to hear
For there is not an existing ear
For people are simple curtains which are too sheer
So shallow and hollow
Never listen to me bellow of my sorrow
They are too busy with their own lives
So until I find one who won't mind

My thoughts will remain trapped behind the door to the sky


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