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Super Hero Books for Young Readers

Updated on June 3, 2014

Encouraging the Young to Read

My granddaughter Ella, is 7 and is just discovering the joy of reading. It is so much fun to watch the excitement of a new reader as they put the words together and understand what they are reading. Finding books they really enjoy helps to encourage a life long reading habit. At Ella's age finding books with plenty of pictures helps her to understand what she is reading and helps to develop her reading skills.

Ella loves the super heroes and she has discovered a whole group of books for new readers on the different Super Heroes It is great to see how she really looks forward to reading her books.

On this page, Ella will be sharing her favorite books with you. Perhaps you know a young reader who would enjoy these books.

Favorite Super Hero Books

Here are some of Ella's favorite Super Hero books. Superman has long been a favorite super hero and Ella enjoys these as much as her Mom and uncle did when they were small. Ella has a cape with a big E on it and when she was smaller she was known to run through the house with only the cape on saying " Super E!"

She also enjoys all of the other super heroes that are so popular with kids today.

I love the way having a wide variety of books available to fit a child's interest can really encourage them to develop a life-long love of reading.

Super Hero Books for Young Readers - perfect size for 6-8 year olds

Young readers will discover the joy of reading as they uncover mysteries from their favorite Super Heroes. Here are some of Ella's recommendations.

Dark Knight: I Am Batman, The (I Can Read: Level 2)
Dark Knight: I Am Batman, The (I Can Read: Level 2)

When Batman sees the bat in the sky he knows that danger is lurking. He must get on his bat suit and jump into his bat pod to safe Gotham city from the newest danger, The Joker!

Superman Versus Bizarro (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (I Can Read! 2)
Superman Versus Bizarro (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (I Can Read! 2)

Superman has been popular with kids for generations. Reading about their favorite characters will help develop a love of reading.

Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman (I Can Read Level 2)
Wonder Woman Classic: I Am Wonder Woman (I Can Read Level 2)

Ella liked this book which tells how Wonder Woman helps to stop crimes and save the Earth.


Super Heroes for Young Readers - stop and vote

Super Heroes have long fascinated young and old alike.

Who is your favorite super hero?

See results

Superman - Encouraging Children to Read

Superman has long been a hero for young boys and girls. Although the first Superman books in the 1930's actually portrayed the superman as a villain this account did not go over well. By the time World War II rolled around Superman had changed to a hero who saved the world and children everywhere looked forward to reading these comic type stories.

What a better way to inspire children to read than to give them stories about characters they love! Some children take to reading right away, but others need a bit more encouraging. Finding characters and stories that they love to read is key in building a life long habit of reading.

I can still picture the look of happiness on my granddaughters face when she read her first book by herself. She was so proud of herself. She said "Grandma, this is just like seeing a movie in your head!"

Superman Classic: I Am Superman (I Can Read Level 2)
Superman Classic: I Am Superman (I Can Read Level 2)

This is a perfect book for the beginning reader who loves superman.


Super Heroes and Good Eating Habits - a great combination

Do you have a youngster that loves books about super heroes but doesn't love vegetables? This engaging book about Mitch the super hero will help to encourage your child to eat properly. What a great way to combine reading fun and encourage good eating habits at the same time!

A great book with a message for kids who enjoy super heroes!

Spiderman Watch - learn to tell time

Learning to tell time is always a challenge with young children. This clever Spiderman teaching watch will help your child to develop their time telling skills while wearing a watch of their favorite super hero.

Do you have a super hero book suggestion? - stop by and leave a note

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    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 3 years ago from Colorado

      How I loved Batman while growing up. I'm still a bit batty even now at my mature age. ;-) How fun it must be to nurture Ella's reading. I used to teach 7-year-olds and truly enjoyed the excitement of bringing literacy to life in joyous ways. I'm all for any series of books that inspires a lifetime of reading.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      Superman is my favorite superhero but I think it is more because of the courage shown by Christopher Reed.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 5 years ago from United States

      Personally, I think they are all great, but my favorite is Batman!

    • DecoratingEvents profile image

      DecoratingEvents 5 years ago

      Any book with Wonder Woman was a favorite of mine growing up!