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superficial vanity

Updated on December 5, 2011


deep emotion

explicit thought

extensive words

tell me that

you care not

you've scarred my soul

taken with you

a minute piece

of my sacred heart

while here i lie awake and thinking

why are we apart?

you search for your other half..

the missing piece in your life

you keep your calm and cool

but through you

i can tell you are dying inside

what you crave

is a beautiful face

a perfect outer shell

simplicity you fake

i bare to you

my deepest hurt

you listen distantly

with poise and curt

your ideal of love

is one of fantasy, myth


with a commonplace tryst

spontaneity... fear of the unknown

the recipe for lust

years of dedication and trust

the recipe for love


this fire that burns

deep inside me

confusing lust with love

a never ending thing

since i was a child

i could never understand

why wasn't it me

that was holding his hand


now i know myself

i am a loaner of sorts

i am like no one else

unappreciated, uninvited

body, mind and soul

we are but divided

you are merely a phase

i finally feel relief

no longer in a daze

being alone lets my hunger thrive

being with you

remind me all too well

why i have to say



toss and turn

a nightmare at best

please wake me shake me

so my mind can rest

a twisted soul

please take me now

bend me over

to take a bow

i miss you

i love you

you do not understand

laying awake

feeling away

let go of my hand

you are holding my heart

the perfect end

for us to part


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