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Updated on March 1, 2016

Have you ever had an ancounter with a ghost?

One fine morning, a young girl woke up. Everything was fine. She did her normal routine. Went to the bathroom, got dressed and went to school. That was the day after she and her family moved into the new house on a farm. At first the house looked great, no... beautiful in the morning light. The golden sun raise falling over the huge 2 story farm house with the huge grass field and rose beds in front and n lake at the back. The first night was fine.. but after she came home frim school, that second night.... strange things started to happen.....

Some people asks " what is it made of?". Well.... we believe that it is called ecktoplasm. Sort of an elastic material, some is orbs that looks like a speck of dust, but is truly an energyball representing a ghost and some looks like smoke and can be caught on camara or video or even on an emp. An electronic megnetic pulse, caught on a voice recorder..... so happy ghost hunting.


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      Madelein Louw 19 months ago

      If any one has a question. I will answer