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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt. 1

Updated on March 17, 2013

It was the 16th sunset of February when May and I celebrated our fifteenth full moon as a couple. We had our little tête-à-tête. Little, in the sense that I did not spend too much (since in our culture, guys do the “honor” of paying the bills on a date) unlike the past dates we had, we just had a cup at Café Hasmin, few steps from our working place, then enjoyed watching the gleaming lights at the boulevard where we walked together.


Sweet and controlled, in my eyes, she was as beautiful as a soft white flower. Her scent was lingering in the air and it captivated me. Although sometimes she could be a little feisty, but it didn’t matter. For me, she’s as natural as the breeze. She had worn the necklace I had given her and that night, she shone the most.

It was habituation, I guess, and that I became ignorant of the sounds from the vehicles and other noises around us. It was only this unchanging sweet serenity and I could only hope for it to stay. But…

“Louie, what if I be married to some one else?” she asked me with a definite expression that made me dumbfoundedly defiant to believe.



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