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Susan Barrie romance author

Updated on October 31, 2012


Susan Barrie is a pseudonym for Ida Pollock. Mrs. Pollock also wrote under the names of Jane Beaufort, Marguerite Bell, Rose Burghley,Anita Charles, Averil Ives, Pamela Kent, Barbara Rowan and Mary Whistler. She also wrote books under her own name and her daughter,Rosemary, is also a noted romance author. Mrs. Pollack is over 100 years old and living in her native England.

Not all titles published by Mills and Boon were published in the Harlequin series in North America. Many of the vintage authors have early titles that never made it to across the Atlantic. Some authors have lots of titles missing, but Susan Barrie is so popular that only a few of her titles were not eventually published in Canada and the United States. The 3 titles from the 1950s are




These titles are hard to find, but it is worth a try is your really like Susan Barrie romances.

I am slowly reading all of her books and ,as I do, I will add more book details in bold.

To read more vintage book descriptions go to



When Virginia Holt accompanied her sister to Switzerland for an operation that would determine her future as a pianist, Virginia had no idea of the effect the trip would have on her life, as well. The renowned surgeon, Leon Hanson, was as attractive as he was skillful. But what good was loving him when he was practically engaged to the gorgeous Carla Spengler? Virginia's fate seemed to be in someone else's hands. And there wasn't a thing she could do about it

Virginia's sister, Lisa, was in a car accident that left her with a paralyzed hand. They left England for one last try for Lisa to regain use of her hand.Virginia meets Leon when she is knocked down by a door in her hotel lobby and he comes to her rescue.



Lucy wasn't sure of her feelings. Sir John gave his invalid daughter, Miranda, all that money could buy -- but the child craved love. As her nurse, Lucy became the object of Miranda's affections -- reluctantly, because her position was only temporary. She felt concerned when Sir John brought home Lynette Harling, a temperamental ballerina uninterested in the role of stepmother. But was Lucy's concern for her patient or because of her feelings for Sir John?



However long she lived, Valentine would never understand Amelia Constantia's will! Why would a woman who had known her so briefly leave her all that wealth on condition that she marry within a year? Dr. Leon Daudet was curious, too -- especially as the money would pass to him if Valentine defaulted. But why should he be so angry? As Valentine told him, she had no intention of getting married -- ever!

Ida and Rosemary Pollock on Amazon



How could she be sure of him? When Karen collapsed in his arms at the railway station, lain Mackenzie had been more than gentlemanly. He had insisted she regain her health at his lovely Highland estate. But Karen wasn't only grateful for his kindness--she was deeply in love with him. And he wanted to protect her for the rest of his life. Yet...did he really love her, or was it just pity? Karen had doubts that such a marriage would ever work, so she ran away.


"It's a mistake for you to work here." While old Mr. Martingale was her boss, Lindsay hadn't minded working in the hotel that had once been her family home. Now Philip Summers had taken over.

Susan Barrie on Amazon



Working in Spain would be better than returning to London. At least that's what Lisa thought when Julio Fernandez asked her to look after his small daughter. But being governess was one thing; being the second Mrs. Fernandez was another!



Dallas Drew was the youngest and prettiest, and certainly the most inexperienced nurse at Ardrath House Nursing Home, so when the glamorous and popular Doctor Martin Loring became a patient there she was not allowed to take a hand in nursing him. Thus it came as a considerable surprise when he picked her to accompany him to his country home in Yorkshire to supervise his convalescence. What was his reason for choosing Dallas? Would she, when actually living in the same house with him, be able to withstand the attraction she had felt for him from the start? And, most important of all, what was the beautiful Mrs. Loring going to think about it?

Martin is a widower with a daughters. At first Dallas had thought Joanna Loring was his wife. She is his wife’s twin sister, she married a Loring cousin, and has been widowed. After he recovers, she returns to her training. But then, he asks her to come back to care for his daughter who is recovering from an illness.



To go from the shelter and seclusion of an English boarding school to the vastness and glitter of London, a beautiful estate in Westmoreland and the dreaming palaces of Venice--and to be surrounded by every comfort that money can buy--what a transformation! Yet everywhere Carol, who had been given so much, was haunted by the lack of something precious--the love of the man who had married her out of compassion, to save her from a life of poverty and hardship. What was she to do? How could she convince him that she was not a frail child but a woman capable of loving and being loved , of sharing his life and turning his house into a home?

Timothy has been Carol's guardian for 8 years. They first meet when he picks her up on her last day at school. He had known her father, there is no money left. He is not her legal guardian and he wants to make the relationship a proper one. So he marries her and takes her to his estate, Brown Furrows.

Timothy's sister lives with him and she is not very nice to Carol. The sister had encouraged her to leap a fence during a fox hunt and then doesn't report that she is missing. It turns out Carol is hurt very badly and left out in the cold for awhile. She suffers from amnesia for a time then goes to Venice to convalesce in the home of a family friend.



Richard Trenchard was accustomed to having his own way, especially with women. Even his sister had to relinquish her valued secretary, Melanie, to be a companion for his niece. Melanie herself was given no choice in the matter. However, since his niece was charming, and the places they stayed in England and Austria were pleasant, Melanie had little cause for complaint. Until she found herself jealously disturbed by Richard's latest conquest....

Melanie is sent to meet Richard at the station, he is a famous playwright. His niece, Noel, is 16 and has always been in school but now she is ill and he needs a companion. Richard buys a near by estate, Wold house and doubles Melanie's salary so she will stay and care for Noel.



(hotel Stardust) Commander Roger Merlin wasted no time putting his plan into action. He offered to buy Eve's inheritance, Treloan Manor, before she had even seen it! But she had no intention of selling the Georgian mansion-especially not to the arrogant Commander Merlin! Somehow she must keep the estate. Maybe it could be made to pay for itself as a hotel. And it would suit Eve perfectly to be in the same business as Roger Merlin. Competition was just what he deserved! !

Eve’s uncle leaves her his estate and very little money (most went to charity). Eve goes with her Aunt Kate to view the property and it turns out to be perfect for a hotel. Roger is a war hero who owns several hotels and immediately offers to buy the house. The hotel isn’t really ready when they get their first guests: the survivors of a small shipwreck on the coast near the house.



Perhaps it was a little mischievous of Liane Daly to "lend" Stephanie a Paris flat that did not belong to her, but Liane's action had far-reaching consequences. For when the flat's rightful owner, an immensely rich and glamorous French count, surprised Steve there, he promptly offered her a job - no less than to be social secretary aboard his luxury yacht, cruising through the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean! Steve could not resist the opportunity of a few weeks in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine.


Toni Darcy was stranded, penniless and alone, when Kurt Antoine offered her a job in his new hotel in the Austrian Tyrol. It seemed at first the answer to her problems -- until she realized that she had incurred the enmity of the hotel's beautiful manageress.

Toinette is in Switzerland as a companion to a nasty American woman. She meets Kurt while she is climbing and gets stuck. She is afraid to move and he talks her to safety. They start talking and he offers her a job. Mrs Van Ecker, her employer, accuses Toni of stealing some earrings. But she knows they were sent away to be remounted, just trying to put Toni in her place. So Toni leaves her and goes with Kurt to Austria. Mariane is the manageress and she doesn’t want to find Toni a place in the hotel. Finally she makes her a chambermaid.



Kathie's two sisters could not understand the invitation to Kathie from Lady Fitzosborne. Why would she invite quiet, plain young Kathie instead of her much more attractive sisters? And indeed Kathie was puzzled too. But she reasoned that no doubt Lady Fitzosborne needed someone to help with the household arrangements rather than someone to help entertain her guests, and so she set off for the weekend intending to be as useful as possible.



When Noel took a job as companion to the teenage ward of rich Gerard de Freer in a fairytale Austrian castle, she had expected to be able to cope with a rebellious sixteen-year-old. But the real problem turned out to be Gerard's difficult, jealous housekeeper, Harriet Raynes


Carole was outraged and very resentful James Pentallon was handsome, rich and much sought after. Still, there was no reason for him to use Carole as he did. In danger of being trapped into marriage by a beautiful, tenacious widow, he conveniently announced that he and Carole were to be married. But the mock engagement proved harder to enact than Carole had imagined, for despite all her precautions she fell in love with James



Dr. Martin Guelder sought only a housekeeper and hostess for his home, Fountains Court, in the village of Herfordshire in the beautiful English countryside. Young Stacey Brent accepts his proposal, but soon finds herself falling in love with him-and she cannot let him know.



Paul Avery was only a waiter-yet he owned a delightful country cottage, and indulged in the most expensive tastes. Lucy was intrigued by him; her employer, a member of an exiled royal family, frowned on him. Which of them was right?



Peta, young orphan with a background of vagabond life on the Continent, made a disconcerting addition to Geoffrey Wentworth's austere bachelor household--and he did not scruple to tell her so! It was not until he had driven her away to the attractions of a Florentine villa that he realized how badly he was going to miss her.

Peta had been living with her stepfather, who was Geoffrey’s brother. Geoffrey thought she was a little girl, not a 19 year old. He becomes a sort of guardian to her.



Charles Leydon caused a stir in more ways than one when he arrived at Leydon Hall -- and Alison Fairlie became nurse as well as caretaker when the Master of Leydon fell sick.



One thing Cathleen learned in Venice; it was highly important to be cautious when a man was a stranger and inhabited a world unfamiliar to her. The more charm he possessed, the more wary she should be!

Susan Barrie on Amazon



When the tall, dark Austrian helped Samantha-and roundly scolded her-after a skiing accident, she never expected to see him again. But she did-and in very different circumstances!

Samantha is an English girl on vacation in France when she meets an old school friend, Elizabeth. Elizabeth invites her to spend her last week of vacation at her brother's home in Austria. Samantha had met her brother a year ago when she had a broken ski strap and he fixed it for her. Stephan also dug her out of a snowbank and yelled at her. She was an amateur and she was on an expert slope.

They never introduced themselves and when they met she doesn't confess they have met before. He eventually figures it out. Samantha overhears brother and sister discussing their aunt's visit. Elizabeth wants Samantha to pretend to be engaged to her brother and he is pretty rude about it. They find out she overheard and Stephan proposes because of the insult. She refuses, but for Elizabeth's sake she agrees to the fake engagement.



Edwina Sands had her work cut out trying to cope with her rebellious small charge, Tina Errol—especially as Tina’s guardian did little to support her governess. But Edwina’s biggest problem was to come from quite another quarter.



Melanie had considered Wroxford Priory her home, until the arrival of the new heir. It soon became obvious that Sir Luke knew nothing about her being the ward of his late uncle, and it wasn't long before Melanie moved out in a huff. but she was soon to return, and this time on a much more satisfactory basis.

Sir Luke comes early to see his estate, with guests. Melanie and the servants are running around getting everything ready. Melanie meets Luke when she is starting a fire, later his girlfriend, Inga, kicks her out her bedroom to give it to her mother. Luke's uncle was an old friend of Melanie's father and unofficially adopted her when she was orphaned.

The uncle left her a small cottage, some money and a piano.Luke raises a fuss about giving her the piano and he doesn't seem to believe she was his uncle's ward. So she moves out immediately, but her cottage isn't in good shape. Her guardian was going to renovate it but died too soon. She tries to do some work on it and is hurt. Luke finds her in the cottage and brings her back to the estate to recover.



Admittedly the job was unusual—lady chauffeur to Humphrey Lestrode ; and admittedly he was high handed and arrogant. Nevertheless Frederica was enjoying her work at Farthing hall. Then along came her mother and beautiful sister, Roasaleen, to upset everything.

Susan Barrie on Amazon



When Charlotte inherited a large house in Cornwall, she was not at all sure what to do with it - until Richard Tremarth made an offer for it, and Charlotte decided that the one thing she would not do was sell!

Charlotte inherited the house from her great aunt who she used to visit when she was very young. Charlotte knew Richard when she was 5 and he was 15. Richard never liked her aunt but he did like Charlotte he was obsessed with Tremarth. It used to be his family home and he told her aunt she had no right to live in it and he would someday buy it back. Now Charlotte has it and Richard offers to buy. But Charlotte wants to enjoy the house for awhile before selling , so says no. Eventually Richard convalesces in the house after he is hurt and develops amnesia.



Angela had been born and brought up in Spain, and in the Spanish way it had been arranged that she make a highly suitable marriage with Don Felipe Martinez. But half of Angela was English, and the English do not take very kindly to such arbitrary arrangements.

Angela has some doubts about the wedding and she and her fiance go on vacation. They meet up with an old girlfriend of his. Angela has to save the woman from drowning, but the woman almost kills her. It ends up with Felipe saving the old girlfriend and not even checking on Angela. So she breaks the engagement.The only mistake she makes is taking him back later in the book. I don't care what kind of great swimmer she was, he should have at least looked back at the ocean when he was dragging the other woman out.



April’s first job in Spain cme to a rather dramatic end, leaving her stranded in Madrid without money. So she could hardly refuse Don Carlos’s offer of help. His family was aghast at his interest in her, especially his lovely young ward, Constancia, who was half in love with Don Carlos herself. But when he autocratically decided to make April his bride, April felt trapped in a situation beyond her control.

April is an English nanny. She was owed 3 months of salary and her employers have left town without her. They had a fight and just forgot about her. Don Carlos calls on business and finds out April is all alone and stranded. So he takes her to hotel and leaves her there. But he is seen leaving the apartment with her and checking her into the hotel. He is just being a good guy, but he realizes it looks bad. So he says they will marry.



"It's not your problem," Victoria told Sir Peter She knew they couldn't continue to take advantage of his hospitality. When Victoria had suddenly found herself jobless and responsible for a small orphaned boy, Sir Peter had generously provided them with a temporary home. But she couldn't accept his plan to adopt Johnny. How could she stay and take care of the boy, knowing that Sir Peter's fiancee wanted her to leave?Yet she had to think of Johnny, too. She couldn't take her own feelings for Sir Peter into account.

Victoria was in car accident with Johnny and his father. She is Johnny’s nanny. The father dies and there are no relative to take care of Johnny. The accident happened in front of Peter’s estate and he says they can stay until Johnny has a place to go. Peter’s fiancée tells her to leave but Peter puts Victoria and Johnny up in a house on the estate.

Susan Barrie on Amazon

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