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Surveillance of the Waiting Eyes pt. 2

Updated on March 17, 2013

Without taking her eyes off me, May continued hopelessly, “It was my father. He talked to me last night…” She pushed her bangs out of her face. “He said I can only make them proud if I would marry the son of this known businessman! It’s crazy! This is serious and so as the situation. This is not funny.”

Out of this puzzling line I had just heard, the question, why was I too insensitive to feel her troubled heart nudged other curiosities that sprang in my mind. I tried to be relaxed, or better to say, I tried to appear like I was relaxed. Consoling her, I said, “Come we should not waste our precious time.”


With the thought that I must be the one to fill out her gauge of happiness with my euphoria, I made a joke. “

Let’s just deal about it tomorrow, but now, let’s go there and be happy!”, pointing the spot where we had a remarkable date. But that was the most careless joke I made. Near that restaurant was a big billboard of a geisha with a fan covering her face! I hated it. That earned me a first slap — crisp and reddish— like a fresh tomato. Not a thing I dreamt of experiencing even out of the people looking at us.

She misunderstood it and I couldn’t blame her. So I tried to clear things out but the moment I was almost at the peak of my explanation, my cellphone rang. Damn it! Why couldn’t I make my life run smoothly the way I wished it to be?

I wanted to stay...but I couldn't; and May was just so lonely.



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