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Taking care of your Temple

Updated on April 26, 2016

I recently looked over an old book I had full of my poetry and a question dwelled upon me. How are you taking care of your Temple? I had this question in my book for a year and now I looked at it really conflicted. I want to study nutrition but I myself am having trouble with dealing with nutrition I feel like a fake wanting to help others with their diet when I am in a constant battle with my body. Then I think of how I am doing spiritually and I am also in a constant battle with my heart and mind but I am still working on it but I guess it will work out in the long run.

The Temple is my body and I need to keep good things going out and in; I need to ignore the bad and not be afraid of the Holy spirit to run through me. I want to feel better with myself to have the confidence that the lord gave me; I know this is a on going struggle and I will have my ups and downs but I need to let go of the fear. I am glad He gave me the ability to have that kind heart I have to help others and even if I have this problem now once I get my degree I will be at my best and I will get through it all.

So now the only thing is not letting others influence me and let bad company into my life. I have a gift of the heart and not all are allowed to see that even though I still care for others in my past I have to keep my temple clean physically and spiritually. My temple is a dwelling place for god to inhabit not earthly men trying to get there fun; I will keep myself fresh and ready for the future person he brings in my life. I know I have been on and off about the topic but now you all see a little bit more from me.



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