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Taking a chance

Updated on December 27, 2011

ABBA - Take a chance on me

Writing away
Writing away

I appreciate the opportunity

Let me say from the beginning that this is not a HubPage put down.

I appreciate the opportunity to extend my writing (if you call it that) on HubPages.

It is somewhat fun although from time to time challenging, to say the least.

There is quite enough negative criticism outside of the HubPages. But of course for every HubPage negative there are probably two or three positives and many people who are actually making money; lots of money. Hats off to each and everyone of you. I actually made $.83 this month myself (and quite to my surprise). Where will I spend all that cash?

OK, so I realize I could simply do this in a comment on someone’s very bad HUBPAGE writing or even do it in the ask question section but I thought, “Why not take a chance?’

I mean the whole idea behind apparently what most people do on here is an attempt to “make money” and the good Lord only knows we all need more of that these days and if I understand the whole money making procedure here on HubPages, you generate absolutely no income from asking questions or making comments. Please correct me fellow Hubbers if I am wrong.

So here it goes and as Captain Piccard used to say on SNG (Star Trek the Next Generation for all you NON Trekkies), I shall “Make it so” and take a chance and hope this Hub isn’t pulled. But even if it is, no biggie, I will just run it over to my own “money making blog” and put it there. Isn’t that quite ridiculous???

Anyway, I am really trying over here on HubPages but frankly I am amazed as to what is considered WRITING. This article for example in my own opinion is “gobbley gook” (it is garbage, true enough [OH THE HORRID GRAMMAR]…..caps & brackets OK here? I am not sure I only have a PhD, just wondering?) but to make a point and some money; really nothing more (like most of you out there).

You see when you’re sixty years old and an epileptic (which I am); even with a PhD it is a bit difficult to make a living. (Giving notice here with regards to the Americans for Disability Act, just so you know.)

Anyway, back to the “gobbley gook” or maybe more appropriate (since I am a counselor/psychologist) “psycho-babble”, which do you prefer? Oh well, you chose. I’m not particular. I’m just sitting here listening to my #1 Hits CD by the Beatles I received for Christmas while I write this “so called” article. And no, I am not having an aura or epileptic seizure….at least I don’t think so? I mean I did take my meds this afternoon.

Wondering if it's worth it?
Wondering if it's worth it?


Recently, an AWARD winning Author, Poet and Graphics designer (who will remain un-named) started having ORIGINAL writing and graphics unpublished by the editing team here at HubPages accusing this very accomplished, published author of duplicate material and utilizing graphics supposedly the author didn’t own (which I see ABUNDANTLY on the Hub [actually open out right theft and plagiarism of copyrighted photos, art and even articles [try running some of this stuff through and see what you come up with] ). But yet, I ramble.

In this case the writer not only had ownership of the graphics but CREATED every one of them. Turns out in this “reporter’s investigation’ (yes how about that? turns out I am also a former investigative reporter for both a major newspaper and South Florida local Television news team) anyway moving on (too many ANYWAYS you think?) the HubPages computers can’t tell the difference between a water mark and “layered effect graphic” so you creative graphic artist designers be ware out there. This accomplished writer was also accused of the “flagrant violation of attempting to publish less than quality material and less than 300 words” all of which are not and were not true. That writer made numerous attempts to seek out the editorial team for reasons as to what was wrong. Correction after correction was attempted until the writer simply took everything off and went else where. This was a very sad experience for that AWARD winning REAL writer and author of over thirty years and unfortunately a terrible loss for HubPages. I might add that I have read hundreds of less than 300 word articles especially poetry on the HubPages.

I thought the idea was to generate advertising revenue and certainly a NAME of some notoriety would have been a good thing; at least that is the humble opinion of this former major news paper editor, current religious writer for the second largest on line news paper in America and author of eight previously published books.

But then what do I know? Right?

Now I understand that COMPUTERS (oh God bless these worthless pieces of junk that make everyone out there dependent on them and make people with nothing better to do think they can write) are partly to blame for allot of “easy editing” these days. But as someone who writes a minimum of 2 columns a week for my paper and 3 blogs, an occasional real article (of which this is not) for the HubPage and freelancing as opportunities avails, I know computers MAKE MISTAKES and allot of them in the editing world.

Why just the other day, a rather popular poet on HubPages and also Award winning and Published author had an original poem kicked off as well, simply because the Title was too similar to someone else. I guess the HubPages are not familiar with the fact that not even the Library of Congress is concerned with duplicate titles and that Titles cannot even be patented or copyrighted.

On top of everything else, the HubPages appear to let anyone put anything on here (except a real author).

The idea develops and I write away
The idea develops and I write away

Using absurdity

I mean really; some guy on here is INVENTING his own form of poetry? Who the heck does he think he is? He is certainly no Emerson or Poe I can tell you that. He writes like two lines and then wants the audience (of which he has none) to add to it. What is that about?

Then there is the one I read the other day which I must say was taken off and rightfully so about comparing “tooth brushing methods” by a NON-dentist; you know brushing in circles versus back and forth and side to side. The topic was not for a novice or non-dentist or non-dental hygienist to begin with but over 620 words of this junk?? Give me a break.

Oh, then there are the poems with which only a few exceptions (very few) are of “you‘ve read one and you‘ve read them all” quality.Come on even you poets know I’m right here.

Now I am no poet and have only attempted a few and it is enjoyable, I do admit. But there are some which should be totally reserved for bathroom tissue and when finished flushed with everything else. Oh my, did I say that?

But honestly am I lying?

We all know that allot of the so called positive comments and the Hub Hopping is nothing more than a means to get followers; yet most of the Hubbers with scores of 80 to 100 rarely follow themselves any more than 11 or 12 people, yet many of them have followers in access of 500 to 2,000 or more.

The truth is, this comes from simply writing clever, interesting and entertaining articles and poetry with LOTS of emotion or SHOCK (and not necessarily quality). On the other hand, some people along the way actually purchase advertising elsewhere or software (yes software which can be obtained to drive traffic to your blogs, Twitter, FB, Google+ and even Hub Pages [of course neither HubPages nor the MIGHTY Hubbers will tell you that] even though it is absolutely true).

It is unfortunate that so much is kept secretive including why some Hubs are unpublished. No I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am just stating a fact.

But I am also using absurdity to point out the absurd.

The old saying, of “You can only make money with money” and only “Fools rush in” is absolutely true when it comes to the internet and on line writing.

Unless you are really blessed (and some of you are and definitely better than me even with all my past experience) and good enough to be published or write for someone else in a News Paper or Magazine format, you are actually spinning your wheels. You need to back up and re-assess.

The editorial process here appears to be FAN/COMMENTER driven.If you choose to FLAG someone, even if it is an excellent well written article or poem, you can have that article or poem pulled without rhyme or reason. I personally believe this is designed to cut down on any (including well intended) true objectively critical remarks in comments.

I finally finish and meet deadline
I finally finish and meet deadline

A lack of consistency

Let me make it CLEAR, I have no real beef with HubPages personally.

I have only had 2 articles pulled claiming they were duplicates when they were DEFINITELY NOT. They were original not posted anywhere else nor even anything like it in a Google search, but still they were unpublished. But again, NO Biggy, I took them off and One female writer on here tells me half of everything she writes the HUBPAGES computer or playful commenters “spits back” saying it is a duplicate. The nice thing, even the right thing to do would be for HubPages editorial team to give some CLEAR CUT reasons and guidelines when an article or poem is rejected. They do not. It is more like a guessing game. All I am saying here is that things can be better.

There is no reason a quality writer should be forced to remove over 10 Hubs LONG after they were published and then have the account deleted faster than anything I have ever seen.

I am just disappointed with the lack of consistency on HubPages and believe that if HubPages wants quality they should say QUALITY but if they are merely interested in QUANTITY, then be honest about it and take ALL the restrictions off and stop throwing good, genuine writers and authors off their pages. But then again, maybe HubPages doesn’t want real authors, writers or poets.

Anyway, “gobbley gook” to all and to all, well this might be my last article on the Hub, we’ll see. I hope not, but then, there are other venues.

Wow 1,489 words (they can’t say I’m in violation of under 300 words, hey?), my longest Hub yet and all about nothing, kind of like the old “Seinfeld” show.

Have FUN writing you all (I am from the South so thought I’d spread some Southern Love).

©Copyright 2011 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

Dr Lee Outlaw
Dr Lee Outlaw

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    • Drtruthman profile image

      Drtruthman 6 years ago from Harlingen, Texas

      Thank you Debbie and Mary Gail. Be careful on the voting down. Some people no longer on the Hub tell me they ended up losing a post or two because a writer felt insulted about having an objective criticism or being voted down.Thanks for the follow also and I might add I am never beyond making unintentional spelling or grammatical mistakes, although I work diligently to use both MS Word spell and grammar check as well as on line. Please feel free to correct me anytime, I want to get it right.

    • Marie Gail profile image

      Marie Gail Stratford 6 years ago from Olathe, KS

      Pretty good gobbley-gook here, and good commentary as well. I especially enjoyed the intentional misspellings and mechanical errors. It actually works for you (unlike those hub writers I constantly vote down because they don't appear to know a comma from a semi-colon). I wish you all the best.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Very Interesting....