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Tears From a Darkened Night

Updated on June 11, 2017


we live alone

with darkness we grow

inside a golden cage, we live with rage

fearing everything we know

and acknowledge the places we blow

alone we live

and darkness we give

rage feeds our blame as we bleed inside a golden cage

nothing we ever know will change what we grown

we vanish in the end

smiling we have black gold.


the trumpet bliws as i look at my heart

and scarlet rain rushes through my gut

In every moment i speak your name

a silent wind blows my way

Thoughts come and go

and loneliness i hear tge most

what else can i say when the trumpets call your name


There was a man with an abnormal spinal cord

He was tall but tuned into his emotions, emotions i mean

He was never lonely his tail wiggled everytime women spread their leggs

women loved him, loved his huge body and his wiggling tail.

That man had the chance top date so many women

they loved him

But some did not but one day he fell in love

A woman with a strange abnormality too

grown to adult hood she grown eight boobs

they formed a great couple and raised a family

they had children

she had eight twins

they looked normal but at the age of three they all started barking.


In my heart there is a candle

it burns bright and calms my temper

but i never show it to anybody

it keeps burning inside

keeping me alive

But every time darkness comes

late at night when i drink my wine

i pull it out and shine

this candle of mine

it talks to me wen i am blind

i keep her safe during the day and lat night i let her burn away

in that darkness of my heart

i enslave all my light

controlling everything i feel

keeping the light out of reach

in my heart there is a candle

it burns bright and calms my temper

for if you weren't so blind to see

i would have set her free


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